Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Might Be Swerving Everyone


WWE released Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows from their contracts on April 15th. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how much the Good Brothers’ recently signed WWE contracts were worth. Since their WWE releases, Anderson and Gallows have dropped some hints about going back to NJPW, but is that really the cast?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that “it is possible this is a swerve.” There is currently no deal in place for Anderson and Gallows to return to New Japan Pro Wrestling. At this time it seems to be possible that they could end up in All Elite Wrestling as well.

As of right now there is no deal in place. Under normal circumstances, such a deal would be a given as far as getting an offer to return. Perhaps down the line such a deal would happen, but right now it hasn’t.

Right now the entire world is in a bit of a waiting period. The uncertainty of the novel coronavirus hasn’t gone away. We need action against the spread of the disease, but there is also a need to re-open the economy. It might be a while before live events return, let alone international travel to Japan.

Where do you think Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will end up next? Sound off in the comments below!

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