WWE’s Back-Up Plan In Case Florida Shuts Down Television Tapings


WWE is an essential business in Florida, but the company has a back-up plan in case Florida doesn’t let them continue taping their weekly television shows.

During WWE’s 1st quarter 2020 investor’s call, Vince McMahon was asked what WWE would do if Florida told them that they’re not allowed to tape anymore. He had a very interesting and direct reply.

“Yes we do. We have a number of states that would welcome us.”

The issue of safety was brought up. WWE is being as safe as they possibly can. This includes testing and using new measures.

“As far as testing is concerned we do everything imaginable,” McMahon said. Anyone entering the WWE Performance Center must fill out a form every week to see if they’re exposed. They can’t even come on the property if they have a fever.

They go on “pandemic cleaning” on a regular basis. They are also using a new company that has a spray that clings to surfaces. Once it is on the surface, it stays there for 90 to 120 days. It “punctures the cell of the virus.” The WWE Performance Center, warehouses, and production trucks have all been covered with this new substance.

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