Indie Wrestlers Try To Reunite Dolph Ziggler With Mandy Rose

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Dolph Ziggler went around and bought a lot of merchandise from many different indie wrestlers. This was something that he didn’t make public, but some have come forward to reveal how good of a guy the Show Off is.

The Ugly Ducklings received a big order from Ziggler and they wanted to repay him in the best way that they could by trying to reunite Dolph Ziggler with Mandy Rose. The popular indie tag team produced a video where they brainstormed ideas about how to pull that off.

Dolph Ziggler saw their video and took the opportunity to plug the Ugly Ducklings’ merchandise. He also said that they remind him of his kitten Mandy Rose who he misses so very much.

coolest shirts & the warmest hearts @3MotherDuckers remind me so much of my kitten, MANDY..

You can check out the video below from the Ugly Ducklings. While in isolation, they had some convincing arguments about why Mandy should give Dolph another chance.

Do you think Mandy Rose should give Dolph Ziggler another chance? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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