Backstage Feeling Following Anonymous Letter Pleading Officials To Shut Down WWE Tapings


WWE released a number of employees from the company last week. After Raw this week, an anonymous letter was sent to Orange County pleading with them to shut down WWE’s television tapings. This letter said that WWE was forcing employees to work in unsafe conditions during a pandemic.

The company denied that the they are forcing any employees to work during this pandemic. If they want to work, it will be under those circumstances. HR is available for them to voice their concerns.

Fightful Select reports that they were told that WWE isn’t forcing anyone to work. The culture might also be one that gives the feeling that they can’t freely voice their concerns.

From what we’ve heard, WWE’s response is actually how things have went there. We’ve heard from multiple employees that they aren’t being forced to work, but also aren’t comfortable with letting the company know they don’t want to, especially after the layoffs. 

WWE starts taping episodes next week. They will still record bi-weekly. The company is taking a number of precautions to guard from COVID-19 as well.

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