EC3 Drops Video Promo Saying WWE ‘Washed Their Hands’ Of Him When A Pandemic Hurt Their Bottom Line

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EC3 was among the Superstars that were released from WWE last week. He’s not afraid to openly discuss all of the circumstances around that situation.

In a recent video promo, EC3 seemed to take several shots at his recent employer. He stated that he’s not the Upper 1%, that’s just a character.

Carter continued saying “they punish you for revealing your true self” and then they “wash their hands of you when a worldwide pandemic affects their bottom line.”

EC3 accepts those things. The question remains if the fans agree.

“I am not the top 1%⠀The Top 1% is a character that could garner a reaction, to entertain you, and its a character I could do better than anyone else, MJF. It was a reality, though, that I simply imitated. There is a true top 1%, a power hierarchy, a charlatan’s cabal who have entered us into a creative totalitarianism. They abhor free speech. They punish you for revealing your true self. And then they wash their hands of you when a worldwide pandemic affects their bottom line. I accept that. Do you?⠀Reject their narrative. Reject their falsification of history. Reject their commands for obedience. Free yourself. You have been warned.”

This was quite a speech from EC3. It appears that his character is taking a very drastic turn. Even during his WWE tenure he had no issues proclaiming that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Now it appears he could be taking on even bigger causes.

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Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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