Sonya Deville Unloads On Mandy Rose In Profanity-Filled Tweet


Mandy Rose was heartbroken after Sonya Deville turned on her. She unloaded on YouTube and got quite emotional. This angle is hitting close to home and the two former best friends are continuing their feud on Twitter.

The Golden Goddess tweeted out in response to WWE’s official Twitter account promoting her rivalry. Mandy Rose is proud of her accomplishments, then she stated that “it’s a shame” that Sonya Deville was so envious of her.

I’m proud of all of my accomplishments, NO ONE can take that away from me! It’s such a shame my former best friend was so envious for so long.

It didn’t take Sonya Deville to see this tweet from Mandy Rose and reply. She didn’t edit her choice of words much as she railed on Mandy Rose’s ass for being envious because calling out all the sh*t talking that Mandy does.

Shut up man, the only thing envious is your ass of all the sh*t that comes outta your mouth.

Mandy and Otis are likely to team up against Sonya and Ziggler at Money In The Bank. We’ll have to see when WWE adds that match to the card or whether they decide to hold it during an episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Either way, these two former tag team partners are not done with each other just yet.

What do you think about this feud? Is it going the way you expected? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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