Mike Kanellis On How He’s Handling WWE Release & Plans For Future


Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis were included in the multiple releases this week. Over one hundred more WWE employees lost their jobs which shouldn’t be forgotten. Kanellis wasn’t expecting his release in the middle of a pandemic, but he saw it coming eventually.

While speaking to Wrestle Talk, Mike Kanellis opened up about how he is handling his recent WWE release.

“I’m doing good considering the circumstances. Nobody wants to be let go from their job in the middle of a pandemic, but it is what it is and when sh*t hits the fan you just keep going forward. We two, we’ve got two kids. There is no stop for us now it’s onward and upward.”

WWE axed the husband and wife team, but this is something that Mike Kanellis saw coming. He was rarely used and Maria Kanellis has been out of action on maternity leave.

Kanellis also requested his WWE release in the past. Maria Kanellis never wanted to leave. Now they are both forced to figure out their next move.

“So, I mean in the sense that in my head it was always like if there is going to be releases, it’s probably going to be me and probably going to be my wife, just because my wife has been out on maternity leave and they were doing anything with me. I had already asked for my release in the past, but we did work things out after that. I didn’t want it to happen during a pandemic. I think that’s a hard thing to explain to people, not to go off topic, but there are a lot of people who are like ‘well he did ask his release,’ which I did, but my wife never did and I want to get that clear, my wife was happy to stay there. But it’s like, you thinking’s the back of your head, yes I did ask for my release, but no one wants to be released in the middle of a pandemic. You ask for your release when you think you can go and do other things. I asked for my release because I wasn’t working and I wanted to work.”

When it comes to his future, Mike Kanellis had an answer. He would like to go back to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He would be totally open to teaming with Matt Taven again as well.

“I would love to do a singles run at New Japan and I would love to team up with [Matt] Taven again. To me, those are the two coolest things.”

Maria Kanellis also tweeted out a little tease that she’s interested in heading back to NJPW as well. Hopefully, the novel coronavirus pandemic will level off so it will be possible for them to make the trip.

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