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This week’s edition of NXT follows on the heels of one of the most divisive matches in NXT history, and we have two big announcements for tonight’s show. Let’s take a look at them.

First, tonight kicks off the tournament to crown an interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Due to NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin being unable to travel to the United States to compete, William Regal announced last week that we will begin holding an 8-man tournament tonight to decide an interim Champion.

For the other in-ring action announced for tonight, Finn Balor will take on Imperium’s Fabian Aichner. Following The Prince’s callout of NXT UK Champion WALTER last week, The Ring General has sent one of his minions to do his dirty work. Will Aichner be able to eke out a victory over Balor?

Also on the show, we could see a face to face meeting between NXT Champion Adam Cole and his presumed challenger Velveteen Dream. Earlier this week, Cole tweeted at Velveteen Dream, asking him for a face-to-face meeting on NXT tonight. Will Dream answer the call? Can he trust Cole to come alone, or is this just a trap for the Undisputed Era to get the jump on Dream?

All of that tonight and more as we head into another week of TakeOver-worthy television. We will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We get a recap of the 6-woman ladder match and the Gargano/Ciampa match from last week, including the closing moments where Candice turned on Ciampa. As Johnny Gargano walked out of the arena and was helped into his car, we get a short shot of the Doomsday Clock before going into the arena.

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are on commentary in the arena tonight.

Finn Balor vs. Fabian Aichner (w/ Marcel Barthel)

Balor and Aichner lock up, but Finn remains in control with a headlock. Aichner is table to take Balor down with an arm drag, but Balor escapes with a head scissors. We see in the bottom right corner that Matt Riddle will defend the NXT Tag Team Championships against Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish last tonight.

Aichner grounds Balor, taking advantage of a slight distraction from Barthel, but Balor recovers with a dropkick to Aichner’s face. Balor hits a few chops on Aichner, then whips him in the corner. Aichner catches Balor in a fireman’s carry, but Balor escapes and drops Aichner.

Balor kicks at Aichner’s ribs as he is getting up, and then stomps away at Aichner until the referee pulls him back. Aichner rolls out of the ring, but Finn gives chase, hitting a dropkick on Aichner, sending him head-first into the barricade, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Balor hits an armdrag on Aichner. Barthel grabs Balor’s ankle and distracts him, and Aichner hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Balor. Aichner continues to take advantage of the injured back, grounding Balor.

Aichner chases Balor into a corner, then whips him into the opposite corner, sending Balor to the ground hard against the corner. Aichner whips Balor back into the opposite corner, and Balor looks to be in complain. Aichner taunts Balor with kicks and slaps to the head.

Balor unleashes on Aichner with kicks and punches. Balor goes for a PK but Aichner blocked it. Barthel takes down Balor with a clothesline and covers him for two. Aichner goes for a powerbomb, but Balor escapes, hits a double leg takedown, and the n the double stomp on Aichner’s chest.

Balor hits a slingblade on Aichner, but Aichner takes advantage of a distraction from Marcel Barthel and hits a powerbomb into the ropes. While the ref tends to Aichner, Barthel takes Balor to the outside and places him against the steel steps. Aichner runs at him, but Balor evades.

Aichner goes over the steps, and Balor eliminates Barhtel from the equation with a slingblade and a dropkick into the barricade. Aichner gets Finn back in the ring, and tries to hit a moonsault on Balor, but Balor evades, hits the Coup de Grace and a 1916, covering Fabian Aichner for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

Finn stares down the camera and says, “Let that serve as a message, next time we meet, whenever that may be.”

Backstage, Velveteen Dream is waiting on a couch for NXT Champion Adam Cole to arrive in the arena, as he and Cole will have their face to face meeting tonight. Also, Charlotte Flair will address the NXT Women’s division right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we are told that Tegan Nox will get the opportunity to take on Raquel Gonzalez later tonight, for the first time since the Street Fight between Kai and Nox at TakeOver; Portland.

Tom Phillips throws to a video package of Charlotte Flair celebrating her victory at WrestleMania. Charlotte says that she will “dominate three different eras of sports entertainment, the past, present, and future.” Charlotte talks about all of the women that she has beaten in WWE.

Charlotte says that she wanted to come to NXT to run through all of the women on the NXT roster. She shouts out Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim, and Candice LeRae as women that she hopes to fight, and wants to give a shot to Yim specifically. She says that Regal can line up every woman on the roster and Charlotte will run through them all.

Aliyah vs. Xia Li

This match was set up because Aliyah admits to being responsible for taking out Xia Li ahead of their match for the spot in the ladder match.

Li takes down Aliyah with a kick to the chest and mounts Aliyah with strikes. Aliyah escapes the ring and Li gives chase. Back in the ring, Aliyah hides behind the ref and uses the ropes to back Li up, then Aliyah takes her down with pump kick, covering Li for one.

Aliyah hits a Thesz Press on Li, then covers her for two. Aliyah transitions into a chinlock, but Li fights to her feet. Aliyah wrenches on Li’s neck and sends her to the ground. Li breaks the hold and throws Li down. Aliyah comes back with a strike to the faces nd goes for a scoop slam, but Li escapes.

Aliyah whips Li into the corner, but Li dodges a run from Aliyah and takes her down with a series of kicks. In the corner, we see a picture of Gargano and Ciampa with the words, “Man of his word?” underneath. Li takes down Aliyah with a huge spinning kick to Aliyah’s midsection, then covers her for three.

Winner: Xia Li

We get a video package hyping up the upcoming tournament to crown the interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Interestingly, Drake Maverick is still advertised as a part of Group A, and we are told that each wrestler in each group will face each other, so one wonders how he will be written off.

Up next, a matchup from Group B. When we come back from commercial, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott will take on Akira Tozawa.

Back from commercial, Matt Riddle is on the phone with Pete Dunne, and Riddle is trying to get Dunne to tell Riddle who his tag team partner will be tonight. Apparently, Dunne knows who Riddle’s partner is, but Riddle himself doesn’t know. It is unclear whether or not Dunne tells Riddle who his partner is.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Akira Tozawa

Scott takes down Tozawa and maintains control with Tozawa’s left arm. Tozawa tries to take Scott down with a hurricanrana, but Scott rolls through it before hitting Tozawa with a hurricanrana of his own.

Tozawa and Scott trade chops, but Tozawa hits Scott with a jab to the jaw, but Scott returns with an uppercut. Tozawa hits a pump kick on Scott, sending him to the outside. Tozawa gives chase, stomping on the back of Scott’s head.

Tozawa and Scott are on the apron, and they are trading blows. Tozawa throws Scott to the ground and Tozawa tries to grab Scott’s head, but Scott hits a hurricanrana on Tozawa, sending him to the ground outside of the ring, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Scott is in control of Tozawa in the ring. Tozawa deposits Scott to the outside and builds up speed to dive onto Scott. Scott moves out of the way, but Tozawa stops himself and gets to the apron, then hits a cannonball senton from the apron onto Scott.

Back in the ring, Tozawa hits a missile dropkick onto Scott and covers him for two. Tozawa picks up Scott ina a fireman’s carry, but Scott escapes. Tozawa runs the ropes and locks in an octopus on Scott in the middle of the ring. Tozawa transitions into a dragon sleeper.

Scott escapes, but Tozawa goes into a guillotine choke. Scott turns it into a brainbuster. Scott gets to his feet first and goes for a full nelson on Tozawa. Tozawa rolls up Scott and covers him for two. Scott hits German suplex on Tozawa, followed by the House Call, covering Tozawa for two.

Tozawa hits a German suplex, sending Scott into the turnbuckle, then hits a spinning kick on Scott’s head, dropping him to the canvas. Tozawa goes to the top and hits a senton onto Scott from the top rope, covering Scott for three.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Tozawa is asked how he feels about his victory, and he says that he has to keep fighting and keep winning, as he stares into the camera. Backstage, Velveteen Dream is still relaxing on his purple couch, waiting for Adam Cole. Up next, after this commercial break, Tegan Nox will take on Raquel Gonzalez.

Back from commercial, we see a video package hyping up El Hijo del Fantasma.

Tegan Nox vs. Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)

At the beginning of the match, Nox insists that Kai leave the ring, but Gonzalez is in control of Nox easily. Gonzalez takes down Nox with a series of shoulder tackles, holding onto Nox’s left arm, then hits a backbreaker on Nox.

Gonzalez hits Nox with a club to the back of the head, then mounts her and pulls her hair. Gonzalez fishhooks Gonzalez’s mouth, then tries to hit a powerbomb on Nox. Nox blocks it, but Gonzalez instead just clubs her from behind again.

Gonzalez whips Nox into the corner hard, but Nox gets to her feet and hits a series of strikes on Gonzalez. Gonzalez tosses Nox into a corner, but Gonzalez puts Nox on the top rope and kicks her in the midsection. Kai hits a cheapshot on Nox while the referee is distracted.

Shotzi Blackheart comes out and attacks Kai from behind, taking her out of the equation. Gonzalez tries to get a chokeslam on Blackheart, but Nox takes advantage of the distraction, rolling up Gonzalez for a three count.

Winner: Tegan Nox

We see a tweet from Johnny Gargano from earlier today when Gargano said, “I can’t wait to see what Tommaso has to say.” Then, we are told that we will see a video package of Keith Lee’s journey to NXT next, after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, we see a video package of Keith Lee talking about his upbringing and his devotion to pursue professional wrestling. He talks about the sacrifices he endured to get to where he is today and what he has accomplished in the WWE.

Dexter Lumis vs. Tehuti Miles

Miles and Lumis stare each other down, and Miles taunts Lumis. Lumis immediately takes down Miles with a series of blows to the back. Loomis strikes away at Miles’ face. Miles blocked a strike from Lumis and hits a couple of dropkicks on Lumis.

Miles begins to build a head of steam, but Lumis hits a spinebuster on Miles. Lumis grabs Miles by the hair and hits a ura nage into an Anaconda Vice, and Tehuti Miles taps out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Backstage, Velveteen Dream is still waiting for Adam Cole, but we are told that Dream and Cole will meet face to face after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Adam Cole is still sitting at home with his championship. He says that he will not show up because Dream doesn’t deserve a title shot. Cole says that there is no one in all of WWE who deserves a shot at Cole’s NXT Championship.

Cole says that we should be focusing on how the Undisputed Era are going to recapture the NXT Tag Team Championship later tonight. We go back to the arena and Velveteen Dream’s music hits.

There is a podium at the top of the entrance ramp, and Dream calls out Cole. Dream says that he thinks a lot of Cole, but he knows Cole is actually the last remaining champion of the Undisputed Era. During Dream’s promo, Finn Balor is shown standing behind Velveteen Dream.

At the end of Dream’s promo, Finn approaches Dream. Finn says that he doesn’t know Dream and doesn’t like him, but takes issue with Dream calling Cole the greatest NXT Champion of all time.

Balor says that Dream better watch what he says, or he will have “a date with The Prince.” Dream calls out Finn Balor and issues a challenge for next week. Finn doesn’t answer, but walks to the back. Dream snaps, and the lights go out.

After this commercial break, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong will take on Matt Riddle and a mystery partner for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Back from commercial, Malcolm Bivens issues a challenge to whoever wins the NXT Tag Team Championships, saying that Rinku and Saurav will take the titles from them.

Next week, Shotzi Blackheart will team with Tegan Nox to take on Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez in a tag team match.

Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong) vs. NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Fish and Riddle will start the match. Riddle keeps his distance from Fish. Riddle tries to do the “How much fish could Bobby Fish fry,” bit, but Fish will have none of it. Riddle takes down Fish and tries to go for an armbar, but Fish reaches the ropes, forcing a break.

Riddle backs up and Fish takes advantage of a distraction by Roderick Strong, taking down Riddle. Riddle is able to get the upper hand by manipulating Fish’s arm. Riddle hits a fisherman suplex on Bobby Fish and Fish escapes the ring as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, Thatcher tags in and takes control of Roderick Strong. Thatcher is going for an armbar, but Strong evades. Thatcher locks in a boss and arrow, turning it into a pin, but Strong kicks out at two.

Bobby Fish tags in and hits a senton on Thatcher. Thatcher tries to kick at Fish, but Fish blocks the kick and stomps on Thatcher’s leg. Fish gets a headlock on Thatcher, but Thatcher escapes with a knee to the head.

Thatcher locks in a headlock again, but Fish backs him into the UE’s corner, and Strong tags in. Strong goes for a backbreaker, but Thatcher stops it and tags Riddle in. Thatcher hit a butterfly suplex on Strong and Riddle hit a suplex on Strong, covering him for two.

Riddle hit a series gutwrench suplexes on Strong, and Thatcher hits a gutwrench suplex on Fish at the same time. Riddle gets Thatcher to help him hit a flip on Strong. Outside of the ring, Fish takes out Thatcher, and Strong takes advantage of the distraction.

Strong hits a butterfly suplex on Riddle, then tags in Bobby Fish. Fish hits Riddle with a back suplex, covering him for two. Strong tags back in and Strong and Fish hit chops and kicks on Riddle. Strong hits a backbreaker on Riddle, covering him for two.

Strong dumps Riddle out of the ring and tags in Fish, but Strong and Fish team up on Riddle on the outside of the ring. Strong and Fish are distracted momentarily by Dexter Lumis staring at the match from the crowd area. Back in the ring, Bobby Fish tags in Roderick Strong, and Strong hits an Olympic Slam on Riddle for two, as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Fish is in control of Matt Riddle. Dexter Lumis seems to be gone now from the audience. Fish hits a suplex on Riddle, then mounts him and punches him in the face. Fish continues to strike away at Riddle. Fish gets Riddle in the corner, but Strong stays out of the match.

Fish locks in a headlock on Riddle, then hits a series of snap suplexes on Riddle, before Riddle reverses one into a fisherman suplex. Strong and Thatcher tag in, and Thatcher hits a belly to belly suplex on both Fish and Strong, clearing house.

Thatcher works over Roderick Strong, then hits a series of strikes and uppercuts on Strong. Strong hits a chop to Thatcher, but Thatcher hits a dropkick on Strong. Thatcher goes for a Fujiwara armbar, but Strong gets to the ropes, forcing a break.

Strong kicks at Thatcher’s face, but Thatcher takes down Strong with a huge chop. Thatcher goes for a butterfly suplex, but Fish comes in and distracts Thatcher. Fish tags in and attacks Thatcher’s legs, covering him for two. Strong tags back in and Fish and Riddle hit combination offense on Thatcher.

Riddle takes down Fish with a kneestrike before Fish and Strong can do any more tandem offense. Thatcher locks in an armbar on Roderick Strong, and Strong submits.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher

Backstage, Tomasso Ciampa stares down a camera, alone. He says that he is done with Gargano, with Candice, with all of it. He says that they agreed that when it was over, it was over. He says, “Congratulations Johnny Gargano. You were the better man.” Before he can say more, Killer Kross attacks Ciampa from behind.

A collection of sounds takes place off-camera, but Ciampa is eventually shown unconscious, laying on the ground. A black leather boot stands over Ciampa, and Killer Kross gets down and looks right at Ciampa’s face and says, “Tick tock.” Then, NXT goes off the air.

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