Professional wrestling has found a way to continue during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Don’t get your hopes up about attending a pro wrestling event any time soon.

Sports Illustrated ran an article that dashed the hopes of live sporting events coming back. PhD of epidemiology Zach Binney stated that live sporting events wont be back until a COVID-19 vaccine is found, and that will be a long wait.

“We will not have sporting events with fans until we have a vaccine.”

A vaccine will likely take 12-18 months to develop and distribute. When fans are allowed to return to sporting events things will be different. Binney was also not very optimistic about leagues running in closed arenas.


It was said that to safely pull that off each competitor would need to be isolated for two weeks before and after to make sure that there are no symptoms. Staff would need to be tested for COVID-19 daily as well. It gets very tricky when you’re talking about a virus as contagious as the novel coronavirus.

If an athlete leaves the secure location for any reason they would need to be isolated for two weeks as well. It would take a lot of money to pay for isolation and to also compensate the athletes for their time.

AEW and Impact Wrestling both filmed multiple months’ worth of television content. They are set to wait things out and see what their next move is. WWE is running live television every week after Vince McMahon suddenly changed his mind about pre-taping content this week.

Sporting leagues are scrambling to concoct alternatives for their 2020 seasons. Donald Trump stated that he hopes to have stadiums opened up by September, but that is very uncertain and possibly a dangerous idea. A vaccine seems to be the only hope in this situation and that could be a very long wait.

What do you think about this whole situation? When should live sporting events open back up to the public? Sound off in the comments below.

Felix Upton

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