AEW Dynamite Results – April 8, 2020

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results of AEW Dynamite.

For the past few weeks, since the fans were shut out, Dynamite has been filled in an empty arena, but for the next two months or so the show will be emanating from QT Marshall’s gym in Georgia. But the action rolls on.

Tonight the AEW TNT Championship Tournament gets underway with Cody taking on long-time foe, Shawn Spears. Kenny Omega will team with his friend Michael Nakazawa to face Best Friends, Hikaru Shida faces Britt Baker, and Brodi Lee will be in action. Many of AEW’s biggest names couldn’t make the mass of tapings that took place, meaning we won’t be seeing the likes of Hangman Page or Nyla Rose until early June at the earliest.

And that’s all we know about tonight’s show. Well, we do know that Chris Jericho will be on commentary with Tony Schiavone for the next two months, which should be great. Follow along with the live results here and enjoy the show!


Dynamite opens with Lance Archer making his entrance, sans Jake Roberts.

Lance Archer Vs. Alan Angels

The match begins and Archer boots Angels right off the bat. Big clothesline from Archer, followed by a massive slap to the chest in the corner. Angels tries to rally and lands some kicks but Archer grabs him by the throat and hits a one-handed throw over his head.Archer hits a running elbow in the corner. Archer with the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

We join Jericho and Schiavone on commentary and they run down the card for tonight’s show. Up next is Hikaru Shida.

Hikaru Shida Vs. Dr. Britt Baker

The match gets underway and Baker avoids the lock-up. Baker avoids it again, then kicks Shida. Hikaru swings a kick but Baker ducks and slides under the rope. Baker shoves Shida and they go back and forth until Baker grabs her by the hair and slams her into the turnbuckles.

Shida attacks Baker but she rolls from the ring. Baker then slides inside when Shida slides out and takes the higher ground. Baker stomps Shida as she comes inside. Shida turns the tables and forces Baker to the corner but the referee forces the break. Baker kicks Shida and hits a Fameasser, then stares right at Billy Gunn who is standing at the barricade with his son.

Baker chokes Shida in the corner after some ground and pound. Britt hang Shida on the apron and kicks her, then talks to the camera but Shida comes back and throws her over the barricade. Shida gets “fans” to hold Baker against the barricade so she can hit a running knee strike.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Shida hits Baker with a vertical suplex for a two-count. Shida hits the ropes, looking for a knee but Baker dodges and rolls her up for a near-fall. Shida ransitions into a traiangle choke but Baker gets to the ropes.

Hikaru whips Britt but the doctor ducks a clothesline and hits a slingblade. Butterfly suplex from Baker for a near-fall. Baker stomps Shida down, then lifts her for a Russian leg sweep. Baker attempts the Lockjaw but Shida gets to the bottom rope. Shida and Baker exchange shots until Baker had a bloody nose.

Shida hits a Michinoku Driver but Baker rolls her up for a near-fall. Baker applies the Lockjaw and demands the referee give her a glove but Shida escapes the hold before she can put it on. Shida hits a running knee. Baker hits a spinning neckbreaker for a near-fall. Baker hits a superkick, then smiles with a mouth full of blood as she lifts Shida and tries to stomp her teeth into the ropes, but Hikaru avoids it and tosses her to the apron.

Shida forearms Baker on the apron, then goes to the top rope and drags her up with her, looking for a superplex. Baker rakes the eyes and kicks her off but Shida comes back and hits a backbreaker using the top turnbuckle. Shida hits another running knee and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

That was, easily, the best women’s match in AEW so far. Hopefully Baker’s nose isn’t broken.

We see a video of Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa in a tour bus. Kenny says he’s feeling nostalgic about teaming with Nakazawa and asks what they should call their team. Nakazawa says Best Friends and Kenny says that name is taken. Nakazawa insists and says Kenny has the power to change that, so Omega says he’ll see what he can do. Orange Cassidy then steps out of the bathroom, opens the bus door and in walks Trent and Chuck Taylor. They argue with Omega and say the team name is on the line tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We see a video package hyping Jon Moxley Vs. Jake Hager. The two will face each other next week in a No Holds Barred Match for the AEW Championship. Hager says he wants to be Champion because it pays more. Moxley says people doesn’t understand the pain you have to endure to beat someone like Jake Hager. We see Hager training with his wife and she says if he doesn’t win he can’t come home. Hager says he was supposed to fight in early May for Bellator but that was cancelled. He’s been in a fight camp since February and he’s going to take that to Moxley, hit him harder than he’s ever been hit. And after he wins he’s going back to Bellator. He wants to be AEW World Heavyweight Champion and Bellator Heavyweight Champion. Moxley says the No Holds Bar stipulation suits him and the match could go 3 minutes or 30 minutes. They both promise a violent affair.

*Commercial Break*

We see a video package of Cody and Shawn Spears talking about the importance of the TNT Championship belt. Cody says he can’t compete for the AEW Championship, so this title means everything to him.

Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa Vs. Best Friends W/Orange Cassidy

Taylor and Omega start things off, and have a long feeling out process at the start. Trent and Nakazawa tag in and Michael pours baby oil on his chest and Trent tries to chop him but they slide right off. Nakazawa attacks Trent and puts him in the corner, where he tags Omega and thye make use of quick tags to keep Trent isolated and grounded.

Nakazawa hits an Atomic Drop on Taylor followed by a bulldog on Kenny onto Taylor’s crotch. Nakazawa pulls Trent out to the apron and crotches him in the ring post as we head to the commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Omega hits an elbow drop for a near-fall. Kenny applies a rear chinlock to Trent. Trent fights up and creates some distance, then catches Kenny with a lariat. Chuck and Michael tag in, and Chuck lays both Omega and Nakazawa out with running axe handles.

Taylor drop toeholds Nakazawa into Omega’s crotch, then Trent clotheslines him to the floor. Taylor and Trent hit tandem slingshot tope’s to the floor. Orange Caissy rolls into the ring and Best Friends go to hug him but Omega and Nakazawa trip them. Omega and Nakazawa try to hug himCassidy but he avoids them.

Trent and Taylor return and attack them from behind. Nakazawa sneaks to the top rope as they’re working on Kenny and he looks for a crossbody but nobody’s home. Nakazawa then squirts the baby oil in their faces. Meanwhile Cassidy hits a suicide dive onto Kenny and the referee couldn’t care less because…AEW.

Trent hits a tornado DDT for a near-fall on Nakazawa. Omega tags in and hangs Trent up in the ropes, then hits a Fireman’s Carry on Chuck followed by a hanging backstabber on Trent. Omega hits a snap dragon suplex on Trent but runs into a flying knee from Chuck. Trent also hits a flying knee on Omega and then tosses him into a pop-up powerbomb from Taylor for a near-fall.

Omega hits a Buckle Bomb on Trent and Nakamura hits an avalanche Angle Slam on Taylor off the top. Omega and Nakazawa team hit a Doomsday Device on Trent for a near-fall before Taylor breaks it up. Nakazawa hits his Ultimate Venom Arm but Taylor breaks up the pin attempt .

Nakazawa goes for it again but Trent ducks and he hits Omega. Trent hits the half-and-half for another near-fall but this time Omega breaks it up. Chuck drags Omega to the floor and Trent hits a Piledriver on Nakazawa for another near-fall. Taylor throws Omega into the barricade and Best Friends hit the Strong Zero for the pin and the win, thus keeping their team name.

Winners: Best Friends

We see Brodi Lee getting out of an USV during daytime. Three members of the Dark Order are lined-up and he berates two of them for not wearing a shirt and tie. He says if they can’t sacrifice and get their act together then they will be denied unlimited power.

*Commercial Break*

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