WWE Pairing Coming Close To Split

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WrestleMania 36 is over after two nights of pro wrestling action. Plenty of movement took place in WWE’s on-going storylines. It appears that Bobby Lashley and Lana’s relationship might be strained after the show of shows.

Lana caused Bobby Lashley to lose his match against Aleister Black. Lashley was about to win, but Lana called for a spear instead which cause Lashley to lose the match.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was mentioned that it appears the writing is on the wall for Lana and Lashley’s separation. Dave Meltzer elaborated on this while saying that it should really come as no real surprise.

“They were already having problems before the marriage. They were already doomed — it was not a wise relationship in storyline from the start. She is quite beautiful and quite the worst woman in the world that you’d ever wanna be with. That’s kinda her character, so there you go.”

Rusev hasn’t been seen on WWE television for a while. He hasn’t signed a new WWE contract that we’re aware of. He was pulled from television after that. We’ll have to see what’s next in this situation, but Lana and The All Mighty’s union might not last much longer.

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