Big Moments From WrestleMania Boneyard Match Weren’t Planned

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The Undertaker and AJ Styles concluded the first night of WrestleMania 36 with an epic Boneyard Match. There was a lot going to make that segment come together.

What Culture reports exclusive details about the Boneyard Match that could change the way some fans watched it. It was reported that Undertaker and AJ Styles’ dialogue during the match was “100% improvised.”

Another interesting thing to note is that the spot where Undertaker cut his arm on the hearse window was not planned. The crew felt that it looked very good in the shot so they kept it. This is why it looked like Taker’s arm was in different phases of bleeding during the match. The cut was real and it was an actual accident.

WWE Superstars all over praised The Boneyard Match for being amazing an innovative. The Undertaker also commented saying that it was the best match he’s had in years.

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