How Much Content Impact Wrestling Has Left Before They’re Out Of New Television Shows

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Impact Wrestling is feeling the additional stress of the current world situation just like everyone else. They are lucky to have some content that they still need to air. That won’t last forever.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Impact Wrestling is good on television content for now. They only have about three weeks left before they need to figure something else out.

The company has three weeks of television left in the can before they’ll have to start either finding a way to film new shows or do shows based on airing things from the past

Impact Wrestling is fortunate because they have over a decade’s worth of some amazing pro wrestling content. Some of the biggest names in pro wrestling for the past 20 years stepped through TNA/Impact Wrestling. A lot of them had fantastic battles for the company.

Impact Wrestling has Hulk Hogan’s actual last match in their library. If they want to figure out a best of show or two that they can air on AXS they might be pleasantly surprised by the response.

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