List Of Highest Paid WWE Superstars From Last Year

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WWE pays their Superstars very well. Now we have a list of who did the best last year.

Forbes reports the top 10 highest paid WWE Superstars of 2019-2020. It’s no real surprise that Brock Lesnar topped the list. At $10 million, Lesnar doubled Roman Reigns’ earnings who came in second place.

It was noted that these results were determined by calculating “gross pay before taxes using WWE filings, an analysis of individual wrestler performance and sales metrics, and interviews with industry experts and analysts.”

It should also be noted that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s salary includes the pay they make from their jobs in WWE’s corporate infrastructure.

1. Brock Lesnar – $10 million
2. Roman Reigns – $5 million
3. Randy Orton – $4.1 million
4. Seth Rollins – $4 million
5. Triple H – $3.3 million (includes executive pay)
6. Becky Lynch – $3.1 million
7. Bill Goldberg – $3 million
8. Shane McMahon – $2.1 million
9. Stephanie McMahon – $2 million (includes executive pay)
10. Braun Strowman – $1.9 million

It’s interesting that Becky Lynch is the only full-time female Superstar on the list. WWE has a lot of money and they wanted to lock down their top stars. Bill Goldberg also made a lot of money to wrestle as much as he did in 2019. If they continue paying them like this then they might not be going anywhere else.

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