Vince McMahon Wasn’t Alone In Wanting To Carry On With WWE WrestleMania 36

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WWE is presenting WrestleMania 36 as a two-night event and a lot of people think that they should have postponed the entire thing. Vince McMahon wasn’t the only one who wanted to hold the event on schedule.

During Oh, You Didn’t Know, Brad Shepard mentioned that Vince McMahon wasn’t the only person in WWE who wanted to carry on with WrestleMania plans. He was the highest ranked individual who wanted to follow through with WrestleMania and his vote is the only one that matters. He wasn’t the only one who voted to proceed.

“There was a report that Vince McMahon was the only one who wanted to keep WrestleMania going, that’s not true. He wasn’t the only one. People forget that this is a large company, right? They have a lot of employees and a lot of people in management. So, no. Vince McMahon wasn’t the only one that wanted to do this, however, he was the highest ranked one who wanted to do this and there were plenty of people who did not want to do this. So it would be exaggerating to say that Vince is the only one. There were definitely people who didn’t and can you blame them?”

WWE is a very large company. A lot of their employees are working from home unless they were needed for production reasons.

The company was as safe as they could be, even going to a point that Stephanie McMahon called “overkill.”

It might be a good idea to keep in mind that Vince McMahon was in the minority of people who wanted to continue with WrestleMania 36, but he wasn’t the only one.

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