Vince McMahon Pushed For 6-Month WWE Network Subscription Commitment

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Vince McMahon has a lot of ideas, but sometimes people are able to talk him out of them.

WWE is going through a difficult time like everyone else right now. The company was experiencing financial trials before COVID-19 hit America’s shores. We’ll have to see what they do next, but Vince McMahon could be considering a new direction for next year’s WrestleMania event.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the idea that WWE might not make WrestleMania 36 available through the Network as part of the $9.99 subscription price. They could be moving the show of shows exclusively to pay-per-view format.

It was later discussed that Vince McMahon originally pushed for a much different WWE Network subscription plan in the first place. This would have seen them make a lot more guaranteed money off of subscribers.

“I think a lot of that was Michelle Wilson and George Barrios and obviously with Vince there’s been a series of things, but George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, you know the Network was their baby and they are the ones who convinced Vince to put WrestleMania on it which turned out to be a bad move which after all these years he got mad about it and also every year we should make WrestleMania for free.”

“We’ll get all of these free people and some of them will become new subscribers and it’s the best time to get new subscribers and you know, Vince was the one who wanted nothing less than a 6 month commitment so at least everyone who committed got the price of a pay-per-view, but they told him to go $9.99 a month so essentially WrestleMania is $9.99 whereas in Vince’s eyes it should have been $60, but you would have gotten six months out of it. Now you can get WrestleMania for less than $60 so, you know things can always change.”

Fans who remember signing up for the WWE Network at launch date should recall clicking a box agreeing to a six-month subscription. There was no cancelling and fans were locked in to give WWE at least $60 over the next six months. That eventually changed and likely resulted in the trend of fans jumping from free subscription to free subscription all year long.

As WWE carries on they could make some big changes regarding the WWE Network. There is already a thought that WrestleMania might not be on the WWE Network in the years to come in favor of a more lucrative pay-per-view setup.

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