Jim Ross Reveals Conversation With Tony Khan About Staying Home Due To Coronavirus Threat

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Jim Ross loves to work and Tony Khan knows that. Ross is an asset to AEW and Khan made the call that JR needed to stay home and miss AEW Dynamite.

During Grilling JR, the WWE Hall Of Fame announcer explained that he got a phone call from Tony Khan. Ross explained that Tony Khan told him to protect himself. This is the reason that Jim Ross stayed in Oklahoma instead of making it to AEW Dynamite.

“Tony Khan and I had a very long and thoughtful talk that he initiated. I’m an asset for that company in his view, and mine too, and he said I’ve got to protect you because he knows I won’t protect myself. So, the decision was to stay home for a couple of days and I’m not gonna be on Dynamite this week or next until we see where this thing is headed.”

“If it gets worse, I’m 68 and in a high-risk group. I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna get the flu because my ego says I’ve gotta be on TV. ‘Oh I can’t lose my spot, because then I won’t get my push!’ Stop. Please.”

Jim Ross obviously doesn’t want to die and he’s not losing his spot either. Once it is safe for him to travel it’s a safe bet he’ll be back on AEW Dynamite each week.

Ross didn’t stay home because he wanted to. This was all an unavoidable circumstance that required him to miss those AEW Dynamite tapings.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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