Jim Ross’ wife Jan died tragically just over three years ago. She was on her scooter riding home from the gym and a large vehicle struck her. Jim Ross had to carry on, but it understandably took some time.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Jim Ross was asked about dealing with the loss of his wife Jan. He was surrounded by memorabilia that she bought him at the time including John Wayne’s toupee to Tony Soprano’s screen-worn shirt.

Jim Ross revealed that he over-medicated with a cocktail of drugs that have the possibility of easily causing an overdose. Then Ross got back to work and learned to accept the deep personal loss as he is still reminded of Jan every day.

“Every room you go into, she painted the walls the color she wanted them painted. She did the hardwood floors, the carpet in the bedroom — everything was her. I got so weak at one point because I was over-medicating myself like an idiot and that’s what pissed me off about my own ‘stand up, get up, and move around, man, you’re disappointing,’ I was so ashamed I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror. You can’t drown yourself in ambien, Xanax, and Crown Royal. It’s not a good combination. Don’t do it.”


“I had to change and the reason it was so hard is because I couldn’t get away from her. So, I stopped trying to get away from her, but I think that’s what helped me write this book.”

Jim Ross said opening up and accepting things helped him become more honest in his writing. He was able to fill his new book with stories about everything from Steve Austin to AEW.

JR losing his wife was heartbreaking experience. He eventually had to carry on which is all anyone can do after such a devastating event. It’s very fortunate for the legendary announcer that there was no shortage of work to keep him busy.

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