Asuka Documents Uber Eats Experience In New Hotel Isolation Video

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Asuka is stuck in isolation like so many other people. She also faces the problem that she needs to figure out what to eat. This is where delivery comes into play for Asuka.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion isn’t alone. Plenty of people all around the world depend on food delivery services during a time like this.

The Empress Of Tomorrow might not be at WrestleMania this year. She is still active on social media. Asuka recently uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel that a lot of people can relate to.

Asuka pulled up her Uber Eats app and ordered some Thai food. It is an everyday task to order food, but because of the way Asuka’s videos are edited she was able to keep it pretty entertaining.

Once her food came, the noodles were stale, but at least the seasoning was okay. It wasn’t the best experience, but she made it work. You can check out the video below to see Asuka pull off her Uber Eats delivery.

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