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Hulk Hogan Shows Off His ‘Pimpmobile’

Hulk Hogan loves his cars and he recently showed one off. The Hulkster looked good with a full white beard in his “bad to the bone” Chevy.

Hogan was supposed to be gearing up for Tampa where he should have received his second WWE Hall Of Fame ring. The nWo’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction will have to wait. In the meantime, Hogan’s keeping himself busy with his pimpmobile.

Hogan’s pimpmobile, doggie doggie style!!!! #427chevy #Cragar #Teamchevy #NWO #Clearwater

Hulk Hogan recently auctioned the classic “Hulkster Viper.” That wasn’t his only ride as he was proud to show this one off.

The Hulkster recently reached a settlement in that huge lawsuit over his leaked sex tape. Perhaps this is where some of that money went. If that’s the case then it’s money well spent.

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