Brandi Rhodes Reacts To Sammy Guevara Making Out With Her Picture On AEW Dynamite

Sammy Guevara sat at ringside this week on AEW Dynamite during the show. They didn’t have many people sitting at ringside this week, but Sammy Guevara showed up for a bit.

Thanks to social distancing, AEW couldn’t have someone sit directly next to Guevara. Instead, he had a couple chairs sitting next to him with drawings on each one. One of those caricatures was of Brandi Rhodes and Sammy Guevara couldn’t help himself.

The Spanish God found himself tongue kissing a drawing of Brandi Rhodes on AEW television. When the AEW CBO saw this clip online she had to react.

Please keep these thoughts in your own mind and on your own time. I don’t need to know about it or see it. It’s called privacy.

Brandi Rhodes once called out Sammy Guevara for hitting on her during his WWE tryout back in the day. This is obviously a story that All Elite Wrestling is still following up on years later.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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