Daniel Tosh Continues Throwing Shade At Arn Anderson

Daniel Tosh and Arn Anderson have a beef with each other. It all stems from when the famous comedian was a kid and Double A was a hated heel. Daniel Tosh hasn’t seemed to get over that yet.

Tosh and Anderson threw some bombs at each other on social media a few months ago. Arn Anderson was also the subject of a Tosh.O sketch called the “Arn Sucks Podcast.” Apparently, Tosh still has a beef with the 4 Horseman.

Daniel Tosh saw a sign promoting “Nude Hand Sanitizer Wrestling.” Tosh captioned this photo with: “You don’t want none, Arn.”

So far Arn Anderson hasn’t replied to Tosh.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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