There are a lot of very dark stories going around online right now. Fear seems to be around every corner and it’s quickly accompanied by misinformation. Kevin Owens can’t fix all of the world’s problems, but he can do his part.

Owens recently tweeted out and said that he is going to start sending out tweets containing things that make him happy. He admitted that it might not work to make everyone happy, but it can’t hurt.

Every day or so, I’m going to tweet things that make me happy and cheer me up in hopes that it can bring a sense of relief, however small, to other people as well.

It might not work but considering what we’re all going through, I figure what’s the harm? Can’t make things worse!


The former WWE Universal Champion followed this up with a few pieces of art done by his son Owen. These drawings make Kevin Owens happy and they are also quite impressive.

My son Owen loves to sketch and draw. I think he’s really, really talented. He blows my mind constantly. He gets inspired by stuff he sees and then re-creates it. Here are a few of his drawings, including one of a giant robot chicken he made last night that I absolutely love.

Kevin Owens’ son really does have a bit of talent. You can check out the art that Owens shared from his son below. Hopefully, it does the trick and makes some fans happy. It certainly seems to put a smile on Kevin Owens’ face.

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