King Corbin Offers To Pay Shawn Spears NOT To Bring Indie Star Into AEW

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Shawn Spears is on the hunt for a new tag team partner in AEW. #SearchForSpears is now taking over. A couple notable names have applied for the position, too.

Simon Miller posted a pretty hilarious video. It does help that he comes from the What Culture YouTube channel. He is also a trained pro wrestler and documented some of his training on the What Culture channel. Miller is also the host of Kayfabe News’ YouTube channel’s hilarious parody news videos.

Then King Corbin replied out of nowhere. He actually offered Shawn Spears cash not to hire Simon Miller because the thinks it would be funny.

I’d pay you big money not to pick him just to make me laugh.

When What Culture asked King Corbin if he’s a fan, Corbin replied “nope” while using an animated gif of Will Ferrell from Step Brothers.

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