WATCH Brock Lesnar Tell Drew McIntyre To ‘Take The Belt’ During WWE RAW

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WWE Raw kicked off this week with a pretty remarkable segment for Drew McIntyre. He laid Brock Lesnar out with a few Claymore Kicks and then he celebrated with the WWE Title. This was something the Lesnar told him to do.

The cameras picked up Brock Lesnar ordering Drew McIntyre to “take the belt!” This could be heard on the live broadcast. You can check out the clip below to hear it for yourself.

It’s common knowledge that wrestlers talk to each other in the ring. Every now and then we’ll hear them say something to each other or call a move. The referee can also speak loud enough for us to hear at times.

It’s rare that Brock Lesnar’s voice is ever heard on WWE television. Paul Heyman does a majority of the speaking for his client. Lesnar’s voice was definitely heard on Raw this week. Vince McMahon would have probably preferred that nobody heard what he had to say.

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