WWE RAW Results – March 2, 2020

Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE Raw, less than a week from Elimination Chamber.
Tonight’s show will feature the fallout of WWE Super ShowDown, and also serve as the final build to Elimination Chamber this weekend. And with that in mind, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear on the show to continue his feud with Drew McIntyre after demolishing Ricochet.
Beth Phoenix will be on tonight’s show, and will provide a medical update on her husband Edge. Randy Orton is guaranteed to show-up in some capacity and, in his current state of mind, could potentially even attack Phoenix.
Tonight’s WWE Raw will feature a handful of exciting matches as well, including Seth Rollins and Murphy defending the Tag Team Championships against the Street Profits, Aleister Black Vs. AJ Styles, Shayna Baszler Vs. Asuka, Riddick Moss defending his 24/7 Championship, and Rey Mysterio returning to action alongside Humberto Carrillo to face Andrade and Angel Garza.
And that’s the preview for tonight’s action-packed WWE Raw. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow along on the Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with the announcers running down the card, including a change that now sees Shayna Baszler facing Kairi Sane.

The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman come out and make their way to the ring. Heyman introduces the two of them and Brock looks pumped. Heyman says he’s sorry, it’s his job to come out and hype us on WrestleMania and even though this is the most stacked WrestleMania in decades, the main event is a sham.
Heyman says the fans are Pavlovian dogs and they know it’s true, just like he and Brock knows it’s true. WWE brass wants to sell us on Drew McIntyre, but he’s nothing more than a hyped-up fraud. Heyman wants to know why everyone cheers for Drew. He says Brock massacred fifteen consecutive top stars in the world at Royal Rumble…only to get kicked in the balls by Ricochet and have Drew kick him in the head and knock him out of the match.
Heyman asks how that information leads anyone to believe that Drew could pin or tap-out Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? He can’t. All it proves is that McIntyre can take advantage of a momentary slip. And next time Brock lays eyes on Drew McIntyre he will lay him out. And that’s because Drew is nothing more than a “stupid big bitch” that will get squashed…
McIntyre takes his time in coming down to the ring and he gets into the ring to come toe-to-toe with Lesnar. The fans chant “Drew” but Brock laughs in his face and walks away. Brock shakes his head no and turns to leave but then runs at Drew…only to get caught with a Claymore Kick! Brock is laid out just like that and Drew leaves the ring smiling.
Heyman sits with Brock looking shocked, and Brock stumbles to his feet, really selling the kick. The fans chant “you deserve it” and Brock seethes. He takes his title and leaves with Heyman. As Brock stands on the ramp and looks at the fans angrily, Drew comes running back out and hits another Claymore Kick! Drew raises the WWE Championship above his head, then throws it at Brock before taking a run-up and hitting a third Claymore Kick! Brock is out cold and the fans chant “holy $hit” and “Drew”.

*Commercial Break*
The Street Profits come to the ring ahead of their final title shot against Rollins and Murphy. Ford asks where his Brooklyn peeps are at and they cheer. He says he and Dawkins have been working for years to get this shot and tonight it ends if they don’t win. The fans want the smoke and so do the Prophets.

RAW Tag Team Championships

(C) Seth Rollins & Murphy W/AKAM & REZAR Vs. the Street Profits

Before the bell rings, Rollins and Murphy jump the Prophets but both of them get tossed from the ring. Montez Ford hits a tope over the ropes but gets caught by Murphy and Seth, who then throws him into the barricade. Dawkins checks on Ford as Murphy and Seth take the high ground.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and the match has officially begun, and Murphy is in control of Dawkins in the middle of the ring with a headlock. Dawkins fights up but gets thrown from the ring. Rollins goes after Angelo but gets hit with a flapjack on the floor. Dawkins catches Murphy jumping at him and hits a fallaway slam into the barricade.
Ford gets the tag and runs for a tope to Seth and Murphy on the floor, this time landing it. Ford gets them both back in the ring and hits a double crossbody, then clotheslines Murphy to the outside. Ford then drops Rollins and hits a standing moonsault for a two-count. Seth counters Ford with a slingblade, then hits a Buckle Bomb/kick with Murphy but Dawkins breaks the pin attempt.

Seth springboards at Dawkins but gets uppercutted. Dawkins puts Seth on his shoulders but Murphy pulls him off and throws Angelo into the ring post. They attempt the Buckle Bomb/kick again but Ford hurricanrana’s Seth into the kick from Murphy! Ford then tosses Murphy from the ring and hits Seth with a leaping kick.
Ford goes up top but Seth shoves him off to the floor. Seth distracts the referee as AOP come down the ramp to attack Ford, but the referee turns in time to see it and ejects them from ringside! Seth gets angry and goes out to throw Ford back inside.
Murphy and AOP get on the apron and argue with the referee and Kevin Owens comes in from behind and hits Seth with a Stunner! AOP and Murphy chase after Owens, allowing Ford to go up top and hit Seth with a frog splash for the win!

Winners and New Raw TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: the STreet Profits

Still to come: Shayna Baszler Vs. Kairi Sane, AJ Styles Vs. Aleister Black, and Beth Phoenix provides a medical update on Edge.
*Commercial Break*
Murphy and Rollins are walking backstage and Charly Caruso stops them for an interview. She asks for their reaction and Seth says most WWE Superstars have to ask for matches but he’s not most, he demands. And at Elimination Chamber they will face Street Profits and take back their RAW Tag Team Titles. As for Kevin Owens, he can name the time, place, and stipulation, because he will be crucified.
Ricochet comes to the ring for a match to redeem himself after the Super ShowDown squash.

24/7 Championship

(C) Riddick Moss Vs. Ricochet

The bell rings and Ricochet takes the fight to Moss, but the Champion turns him inside out with a shoulder tackle. Moss whips Ricochet into the ropes, but Ricochet flips over him. Moss catches him with a fallaway slam over the top rope to the floor. Ricochet is bleeding from the mouth as we head to the break.
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Ricochet starts to build a head of steam and hits an enziguiri, followed by a springboard forearm. Ricochet puts Moss in the corner and hits a shoulder, followed by a knee. He looks for a springboard again but this time nobody’s home. Moss elbows Ricochet and heads to the middle rope but Ricochet catches him with a frankensteiner!
Ricochet hits a shooting star press for a near-fall. Ricochet connects with a European uppercut and gets Moss on his shoulders but the Champion elbows him to escape.ย  Ricochet counters Moss to hit a superkick and a pop-up lariat for another two-count. From out of nowhere, Moss catches Ricochet with a forward neckbreaker slam of some sort and wins!

Winner: Riddick Moss

We see AJ Styles warming up with Gallows and Anderson backstage. He’ll be facing Aleister Black after the break.
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