WWE RAW Results – February 24, 2020

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We’re back with Asuka, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Natalya, with Shayna Baszler nowhere to be seen. Jerry Lawler is moderating and he starts talking but Asuka interrupts. She speaks in Japanese and says she is angry that Shayna Baszler isn’t there. Lawler says she may be running late or perhaps a complete no show. Regardless, he has each woman sign the contract individually. Liv Morgan signs it, then gets in Riott’s face and slams the contract down in front of her.

Shayna Baszler’s music hits, and she comes to the ring through the crowd. Baszler grabs the contract and looks at each woman before signing the contract. Lawler says they’re on their own now and gets out of the ring. Asuka shoves Natalya down and yells at Baszler. Asuka then yells “Bite me.” Asuka and Baszler yell at each other before Natalya takes Asuka down. Morgan then jumps over the table and attacks Riott. A big brawl breaks out, and the production crew clears the ring of the furniture. Baszler gets in the ring and laughs as everyone else clears out.

Becky Lynch comes out and runs into the ring where she and Baszler come to blows. Big takedown from Baszler, followed by ground and pound until they’re pulled apart by officials. They manage to break apart and fight again but are eventually pulled apart.

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The Street Profits come to the ring and cut a promo. They call Murphy a smurf and Rollins a pariah. They say they will win the Raw Tag Team Titles this Thursday because they want the smoke.

Murphy W/Seth Rollins Vs. Angelo Dawkins W/Montez Ford

The match begins and Murphy his a running switch knee before stomping Dawkins down in the corner. Murphy delivers a few kicks and looks for a knee but Angelo avoids it and connects with an uppercut.

Dawkins drops Murphy with a lariat, then another, an a spinning shoulder tackle. After a corner splash, Dawkins gets tossed to the outside and Murphy kicks him through the ropes. Murphy hits the ropes but Dawkins slides back in and hits a spinebuster. He goes for the pin but Rollins slides in and breaks it up.

Winner Via Disqualification: Angelo Dawkins

Ford gets in the ring and he tells the retreating Seth and Murphy not to worry because he knows last week Dawkins hit Murphy so hard he lost his first name. Ford then challenges Rollins to a match and the Messiah agrees.

Montez Ford W/Angelo Dawkins Vs. Seth Rollins W/Murphy

Seth runs into the ring but Ford ducks a punch and delivers a series of snap jabs, then sends Rollins to the outside. Ford connects with a tope to Seth and Murphy, then runs back into the ring and shakes the ropes like Ultimate Warrior.

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We return to find Seth, Murphy and Dawkins arguing at ringside, so the referee ejects Murphy and Dawkins from ringside! Seth gets back in the ring and Ford attacks him, sending him to the outside.

On the floor, Ford connects with a dropkick and puts Rollins back in the ring. Montez climbs the ropes but Seth hits a dropkick. Rolling tosses Ford from the top rope, then punches him on the mat. Seth lands a back suplex and dusts his hands.

Rollins gets Ford on the ropes but the Profit flips the Messiah over the ropes to the floor. Seth gets back inside and Ford rolls him up for a near-fall. Ford attempts a few more quick pinfalls but Seth kicks out. Rollins lifts Ford up for the Buckle Bomb for a near-fall. Seth tosses Ford from the ring, then lifts him up and hits a Buckle Bomb into the barricade!

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Seth in control of Ford. The Messiah talks some trash but Ford drops him with an enziguiri. Ford delivers some big right hands to Rollins but Seth kicks him and looks for another Buckle Bomb but this time Ford counters with a hurricanrana into the corner!

Ford rallies and hits Seth with a crossbody before flipping up and hitting a shooting star press – completely no selling the Buckle Bomb into the barricade. Ford goes to the corner but Seth attacks him and tries to superplex him but Ford fights Seth off and kicks him back. Rollins grabs Ford for a Pedigree but Montez counters with a DDT for a near-fall.

Ford goes up top but again Seth meets him there and throws a few hands. Seth attempts a superplex again but Ford shoves him down. Seth leaps back up but Ford hits a sunset bomb. Ford climbs the ropes once again and leaps for a frog splash but nobody’s home. Seth hits The Stomp and pins for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Next week on Raw, Beth Phoenix will be live to dprovide an update on the health of Edge. It’s main event time, and we see both Randy Orton and Kevin Owens walking backstage.

*Commercial Break*

We get a hype video for the NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley.

Randy Orton Vs. Kevin Owens

The match begins and they lock-up, with Orton forcing Owens to the corner. KO turns the tables and delivers a few big chops, followed by right hands and boots.

Owens throws Orton from the ring and beats him down. Owens puts Orton back in the ring and he scales the ropes but out comes Rollins, Murphy, Akam, and Rezar to distract Owens. Orton hits KO from behind and knocks him from the apron.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Orton whips Owens into the corner but KO comes right back out with a superkick to The Viper. As is customary on Raw these days, The Viking Raiders and Street Profits run down to brawl with Rollins’ disciples. They all fight through the crowd and to the back, meanwhile Orton gets Owens on the top rope and they trade shots until Orton falls.

Owens hits a senton but Rollins is back and he’s on the apron. KO punches Seth off but turns into a lariat from Orton. The Viper puts Kevin on the apron and hits the Draping DDT for the win?

Winner: Randy Orton

The referee counted to three quickly and Orton looks confused. The fans are upset but it doesn’t seem to have been a mistake.

Seth grabs two chairs from the timekeeper’s area and slides them into the ring. Orton looks at the chairs before slowly putting Owens’ head on top of one and grabbing the other. Seth encourages Orton from ringside.

Owens pops-up with the chair and tells Orton to come at him. Instead, Orton drops the chair and leaves. Meanwhile the referee pulls the chair from Owens’ hands. Owens jumps out of the ring and grabs hold of the referee as Seth leaves up the ramp. Owens rips the referee’s shirt and he’s wearing a Seth Rollins shirt underneath! He’s a disciple!

Owens grabs the chair and the referee begs him to stop. Owens drops the chair and instead hits him with a Stunner! Owens then grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Owens powerbombs the crooked ref through the table! KO grabs the chair and sits on it to taunt Rollins as Raw comes to a close.

And that’s it for this week’s Raw. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for more wretling news and results! Until then, safe travels!

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