Stevie Ray On Critics Of His WWE Hall Of Fame Induction: ‘Kiss My Black Ass’

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Stevie Ray and his brother Booker T were inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as a tag team. Stevie Ray wants to make sure that people remember why Harlem Heat received such an honor.

Some fans didn’t think that Stevie Ray deserved a WWE Hall Of Fame induction. Interestingly enough, nobody has said much about Booker T receiving two HOF rings.

While speaking to Wrestling Epicenter’s podcast, Stevie Ray addressed those critics. He listed Harlem Heat’s accomplishments before delivering a very straight-forward order for anyone who wants to continue talking trash.

“You know, I could give two sh*ts what people say. We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team. We went into the Hall of Fame as a record-breaking tag team! We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team that brought tag team wrestling back as it was dormant at the time.

“We went in as a tag team that actually got ratings – our ratings were very high back in the 90’s and they know what the people liked. So, anyone that does not understand that can suck my d*ck. Anyone that doesn’t understand that can kiss my black ass.”

Fans can’t do anything about what Vince McMahon decides for his Hall Of Fame. There are plenty more things to complain about than Harlem Heat, but Stevie Ray seems to be ready for anyone who wants to continue coming at him.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quote

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