RVD On WWE Title Run – ‘I F*cked It Up’

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WWE was a much different time in 2006. RVD was both the ECW Champion and WWE Champion. Then he was picked up for speeding in Ohio, and he happened to have 18 grams of marijuana on him.

RVD was riding with Sabu at the time and the police officer didn’t care that he was talking to the WWE Champion. So, the Whole F’n Show was arrested for marijuana and a very short time later WWE made Rob Van Dam drop both of his titles in quick order.

While speaking to The Steve Austin Show, RVD remembered that time in 2006. He fully admits at this point that he “f*cked up.” He didn’t even know what speed limits were back then. Now he would have handled things much differently.

“I should have slowed down that night going through Ohio with 18 grams of weed in my bag. I was speeding, dude. I was so careless back then. Like, I’ve grown up so much since then, that when I think about when I worked with [WWE], I think it’s a perspective that I had as a kid. I feel like I had to go through some real life emotion before my whole perspective changed. I used to be so careless I didn’t even know there were speed limits.” Van Dam continued, “the reason it made such big news was because I had the WWE Championship and the ECW Championship, so there was a lot riding on me at the moment because ECW just came back as a third brand, trying to get momentum, and I’m the champion.”

“For everybody who says how much I was held back, and how wrong that was for my career, first off, I gave them plenty of chances to not put me on the forward foot and plenty of warnings that I would f*ck it up. And then, when I did finally get the championship, I f*cked it up.” Van Dam acknowledged, “I f*cked it up.”

Steve Austin also spoke about his past experiences with marijuana. Click here to find out why the Rattlesnake isn’t “A THC guy.”

Rob Van Dam is experiencing a bit of a career resurgence in Impact Wrestling. It’s hard not to think about how WWE and even ECW history might have been different if Rob Van Dam hadn’t given that cop any reason to pull him over in the first place.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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