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Possible Reason Why WWE Is Bringing Fewer Superstars To Saudi Arabia This Time

WWE had a very newsworthy trip the last time they went to Saudi Arabia. They snagged some headlines for holding the first-ever women’s match in the country, but it was the trip back that really got people’s attention.

WWE Superstars were stuck in Saudi Arabia for over 24 hours. A mechanical issue was blamed. Then they said it was a mechanical issue coupled with the fact that the airplane staff needed to go to sleep as they had reached their limit of how long they could be on the clock. We have to wonder if they would have reached that “time out” period during the 12-hour flight back regardless.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez brought up this fact. He also pointed attention to so many Superstars not going back to Saudi Arabia this time around.

“Far less people are going to Saudi Arabia which means the last time they went to Saudi Arabia — remember the last time they went to Saudi Arabia and they had that issue where they were stuck for 28 straight hours and a bunch of the wrestlers talked about how they’re never gonna go back and I listened to people go ‘It’s just a mechanical issue, it’s not a big deal — nothing’s wrong EVERYTHING IS OKAY!’ Well, here we are it’s the next Saudi Arabia show and coincidentally a bunch of those people who one of whom’s wife used the words ‘hostage situation’ to describe it they low and behold aren’t going back, but hey — it was just mechanical issues, everybody.”

Karl Anderson’s wife wasn’t happy about the father of her children being stuck in Saudi Arabia. She did call it a hostage situation. Others apparently said they’re not going back either.

We might be able to tell who said that by which people stayed at home this time around. Hopefully, everyone makes it back without any more problems.

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Written by Felix Upton

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