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WWE In Talks With ESPN+ Over Selling Pay-Per-View Streaming Rights

WWE fans might have to go though ESPN to watch Vince McMahon’s biggest pay-per-views from now on.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that “there have been talks between ESPN and WWE. “These talks would be regarding WWE content on ESPN+.”

It wasn’t noted exactly what kind of deal WWE and ESPN are close to making when it comes to what it will mean for fans. They could require fans to purchase ESPN+’s monthly $4.99 subscription service along with a pay-per-view price of the show. UFC pay-per-views are an additional $64.99 per event.

This is a very interesting situation. Vince McMahon stated during his 2019 fourth quarter investor’s call that they are far enough along in talks that if a deal is reached then it will be announced during this quarter. One would assume that they might get this deal finalized in time that fans will need to go through ESPN+ to watch WrestleMania 36.

Written by Felix Upton

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