Val Venis Says He Would ‘Make A MAN Out Of Nyla Rose’

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Val Venis has been very outspoken about Nyla Rose winning the AEW Women’s World Title. She is a transgender woman and he doesn’t believe she should be taking a title that belongs to a biological female.

To defend himself, Val Venis ranted about social justice warriors who are “coddling” Nyla. The Big Valbowski wasn’t done yet. He fired off another tweet to explain how “delusional” SJWs are before saying that he’d “make a man out of Nyla Rose.”

FACT: The Big Valbowski is FAR more tolerant of the trans community, #NylaRose & Fairness than the delusional Social Justice Warriors are of freedom of speech. Social Justice Warriors are proving how fascist they really are.

FACT: I’d make a MAN out of Nyla Rose is short order.

Real MEN sit back in awe and appreciate a MANS WORK RATE.

Soy Boys trigger, meltdown, call them names and make insane claims.

Val Venis has definitely received a lot more attention this week than he did before Nyla Rose won the AEW Women’s World Title. This was a point that Nyla was quick to bring up.

People will always disagree with any booking decision. It seems that Nyla Rose’s recent title win is bringing up an entirely different conversation.

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