WWE’s Reported Plan For What’s In Erick Rowan’s Cage

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Erick Rowan has carried around a cage since he split off from Daniel Bryan. Fans have no idea what he’s carrying in that cage, but it is apparently dangerous.

Enhancement talent have been fascinated by what’s in the cage, but nobody has gotten to it yet. Now Brad Shepard reports that WWE is planning for Rowan’s pet to be of the eight-legged variety.

According to a source in #WWE, the current creative idea is for Erick Rowan’s cage to contain a spider. Yes, a spider lol. Apparently there’s no real rhyme or reason behind that idea, so I’m told that could change before the reveal.

Erick Rowan has rolled over enhancement talent on a weekly basis. It will be interesting to see if and when they get him involve in a feud. We also might need to reveal his spider friend eventually. This could be very interesting because he’s carrying around a large cage for one spider.


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