Nyla Rose Drags Fan For Saying She Should Wrestle ‘Men Or No One’

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Nyla Rose became the new AEW Women’s World Champion this week on AEW Dynamite. This big win came with a fair share of critics due to her transgender status.

Rose has plenty of supporters, but some fans are going to remain very vocal on the matter. One fan tweeted out that they’re done with AEW because they gave Nyla Rose the title. He continued by saying that it’s not fair and she should be wrestling “men or no one.”

The Native Beast saw this tweet and she didn’t let it go unanswered. Nyla Rose decided to cut this fan down to size a little bit as she compared his look to an unshaven ballsack.

You should be mad you can’t grow a full beard. Face lookin like a whole unshaven ballsack ass bitch stay mad

AEW might have plenty of critics coming out of the woodwork. Fortunately, Nyla Rose is also very outspoken and she has no problem stepping up to the keyboard for a brutal comeback when needed.

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