Matt Riddle Makes Joke About Backstage Heat Over Challenging WWE Superstars

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Goldberg is going to be on WWE Friday Night SmackDown this week. We will find out who’s next, but it likely won’t be Matt Riddle.

The Original Bro has some heat with Vince McMahon right now. Brock Lesnar didn’t appreciate Riddle tagging him on Twitter and calling him out.

Goldberg is another man who Matt Riddle has thrown shots at. When Riddle saw WWE On FOX tweet out about Goldberg he couldn’t help but comment.

I’m not gonna do what sources are saying I’m not suppose to do. Or am I? What are sources saying?

This is a very interesting comment for Riddle to make. We’ll have to see if he eventually learns his lesson. He didn’t tag Goldberg, but he did skate dangerously close to that line.

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