Welcome to Ringside News’ results for WWE Raw, one week away from the 2020 Royal Rumble.
With the Rumble less than a week away, the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, will be in the house. Last week Brock came out and had one of the best segments he’s had in some time, entirely thanks to R-Truth’s hilarity. It’s unlikely such is the case tonight, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone interrupt Brock and throw him over the ropes.
The two big matches confirmed for tonight see Andrade face Rey Mysterio in a ladder match for the United States Championship, and Rusev team with Liv Morgan to face Bobby Lashley and Lana. And those are the only known matches and segments ahead of tonight, though we can expect more drama from Seth Rollins, AOP, Buddy Murphy, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens, as well as Becky Lynch/Asuka, and Orton/Styles/McIntyre.
And that’s our preview for tonight’s Raw. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, coming out with Buddy Murphy, Akam and Rezar in tow.

Seth, Buddy, and AOP are in the ring, and Seth has a new stained-glass style shirt. Rollins says he wants us to know that we’ve all played a part in making him who he is today. He thanks us all for believing in him and for our support. However there is someone he needs to thank specifically.
Rollins puts his arm around Buddy Murphy and says he opened his eyes last week. He says Murphy was courageous and brave enough to help them, and now he stands on the right side of history. We see a replay of last week’s main event, in which Murphy joined Rollins. Seth then introduces Murphy as his newest disciple, and they hug.
Rollins says Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe pulled out all the stops but he cannot be stopped. Progress cannot be stopped. He says it’s time for everyone else to make a decision because the battle lines have been drawn, and you’re either with them or against them.

Owens and Joe stand on the stage and KO says Seth talks too much. Owens says that Murphy is real proud of what he did to Big Show, but he’ll be back eventually to deal with him. However his biggest problem is that he didn’t get rid of them. Owens says they, and the fans, have heard enough of their stupid voices. So how’s about less talking and more fighting.
Rollins says if they want to fight, they can fight. However it won’t be tonight. They need a proper time and place. Joe interrupts and says he thought he saw a self-proclaimed messiah in the ring, but his ears are hearing another lawyered-up ass-hat. Rollins says he is a forgiving man, it’s in his nature, but the AOP aren’t. So, if the two of them want to fight, they can come on down and dance with destiny. Joe says one of the side-effects of being an ass-hat is bad hearing. They never said they were here alone, and out come The Viking Raiders to lend a hand!
Joe, Owens, Erik, and Ivar storm the ring and start brawling but Rollins quickly leaves and heads up the ramp. Akam eats a Stunner from Owens, while Murphy gets a urinage from Samoa Joe. The heels turn tail and retreat.
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We’re back live and Seth is walking backstage with his apostles. Charly Caruso appears and says they seem caught off guard. Seth says he wasn’t, of course he wasn’t, because that was always going to happen. Seth then says if you wan’t a surprise, well he and Buddy Murphy will be challenging The Viking Raiders for the tag titles…tonight! (Why wouldn’t you let AOP do that?)

United States Championship

Ladder Match

(C) Andrade W/Zelina Vega Vs. Rey Mysterio

As soon as the bell rings both Andrade and Rey leave the ring and grab ladders. Andrade puts a ladder on the apron, but Rey is back in the ring and he dropkicks it into his face. Mysterio goes for a hurricanrana off the apron, but Andrade catches him and swings him into the barricade. Andrade puts a ladder in the ring before throwing Mysterio in as well.
Andrade gets Rey on the top rope and looks to superplex him onto a ladder but Rey holds the ropes. Andrade turns around and puts Mysterio on his shoulders, but Rey hits a hurricanrana and Andrade mostly misses the ladder but his neck landed on it.
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Back live and Rey is punching Andrade, then tries to whip him into a prone ladder in the corner, but Andrade counters by whipping Rey into the buckles. Mysterio tosses Andrade over the ropes to the floor, then climbs onto the ring post and hits a seated senton to Andrade on the floor!
Rey gets Andrade back in the ring and chops his legs. Rey is thrown to the apron but comes back with a springboard senton to Andrade. Rey hits a springboard moonsault but Andrade catches him. Rey hits a hurricanrana that sends Andrade into the prone ladder in the corner!

Rey brings another, bigger, ladder into the ring and sets it beside Andrade, then dropkicks it, sending Andrade from the ring. Rey sets the big ladder up beneath the title and starts climbing but Andrade grabs his foot and pulls him down. Andrade hits Rey with the Three Amigoes, with the final one landing Rey on a ladder!
Andrade sets a ladder from the ladder in the middle of the ring to the middle rope. He then grabs Mysterio, but Rey knocks him back and puts him on the top rope. Mysterio goes for a super hurricanrana, but Andrade grabs hold of him. Andrade then hits Mysterio with a powerbomb off the top rope onto the ladder bridge!
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We’re back live and Andrade has a ladder placed in either side of the one in the middle of the ring, both propped up by the buckles opposite. Andrade looks to powerbomb Rey onto one of the ladder bridges but Rey counters with a hurricanrana that sends Andrade into the ring post.
Rey starts climbing the ladder and gets his hands on the belt…but Andrade meets him and delivers a punch. They trade back and forth, then Andrade pulls Rey over the ladder onto his shoulders, onto his back, and looks for a Gory Bomb, but Rey counters with a sunset bomb onto the ladder! Andrade uses the ropes to get back up but Rey hits him with 619 and Andrade flies across the ring and out the other side!
Rey starts climbing the ladder and the fans are going banana’s. Mysterio gets to the apex of the ladder but grabs the title, but Andrade moves the ladder from under him. Mysterio is swinging high above the ring and Andrade grabs his ankles. Mysterio drops down for a hurricanrana, but messes it up and Mysterio lands hard on his back. Mysterio gets to his feet and gives Andrade a back body drop over the top rope!

Rey makes his way to the ladder and starts climbing but on the opposite side Zelina Vega begins scaling it as well. Vega sits atop it to block Rey’s ascent but he climbs up anyway, so she slaps him. Andrade comes up behind Rey and, standing on the bridge, hits the Hammerlock DDT through the ladder! Both men are down and the fans are chanting “holy $hit!”
Andrade gets to his feet and slowly climbs the ladder to retrieve the belt and win the match!

Winner: Andrade

After the match Andrade instructs Vega, who leaves the ring and removes the padding around ringside. Andrade takes Rey from the ring and looks to hit the Hammerlock DDT but someone leaps over the barricade wearing Rey’s mask…

Humberto fights Andrade off and the Champion retreats with his title. Humberto checks on Mysterio as we head to the break.
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We get an awesome video package celebrating the life and mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Aleister Black Vs. Unnamed talent

The match begins and the guys runs at Aleister and gets hit with Black Mass instantly.

Winner: Aleister Black

Brock Lesnar will be live on Raw, next!
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Heyman introduces himself and the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he is having a crisis of conscience because he thinks the WWE Universe is taking what Brock does for granted. He says he comes out and delivers a spoiler, and Brock delivers the impossible. Yet everyone says “of course he did, he’s Brock Lesnar.”
Heyman says he told us all that Lesnar would enter the Royal Rumble at number one and eliminate all other Superstars, and everyone expects it to happen. Heyman says he wants everyone to understand how unprecedented that would be. This weekend the Rumble starts with Brock Lesnar. Entrant number two will then come out, then number three, four, etc., all the way up to 30. No matter who gets eliminated when, you’re let with two people in the match, and his client has vowed to defeat all 29 other challengers.
Heyman reminds us that the winner of the Royal Rumble gets to choose who they face at WrestleMania, and Lesnar has deemed there is not one person that is worthy of main-eventing Wrestlemania against him. Heyman asks if the fans can name even one person capable of facing Lesnar, then Ricochet’s music hits!
Ricochet comes to the stage and week after week Heyman comes out and talks endlessly. He’s heard the whispers in the locker room, and some guys are even afraid to be in the match with Lesnar. But every time he jumps off the ropes it might be the last time, so the word afraid is not in his vocabulary.
Heyman says he must have gotten his education in Kansas – where Raw is tonight. Heyman then offers Ricochet a lesson, Brock is hungry and Ricochet is lunch meat, so head on back where he came from. Ricochet says that isn’t going to happen because the Royal Rumble is his ticket to WrestleMania. Ricochet says he isn’t afraid to get in the ring with Brock, so he does just that. Ricochet then says he also isn’t afraid to challenge Brock to a fight. Lesnar laughs and walks past Ricochet and leaves the ring.
Ricochet asks Brock if he’s scared, so Brock stops, gives Heyman his title, and gets back in the ring. Brock comes face-to-face with Ricochet and kicks him in the gonads. Brock grabs the microphone and says “not scared”. Then leaves.

Charly Caruso interviews Randy Orton backstage and asks him how he responds to facing Drew McIntyre tonight, a man whom many think can win the Rumble. Orton says Drew is a hell of a guy and a hell of a talent, with one hell of a chop. But he’s not on par with the viper, the man who can strike at any given moment with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment…R…K….O.
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Randy Orton Vs. Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and they lock-up, with Drew forcing Randy to the corner. They separate and circle before Drew takes a headlock. Drew gets shot-off but drops Orton with a shoulder tackle. Orton rolls from the ring and McIntyre goads him to get back inside.
They lock-up again and this Orton drops McIntyre. They come face-to-face and talk some trash before McIntyre lifts Orton and drives him into the corner. Drew chops Orton in the chest and Orton just stares into space. McIntyre whips Orton to the opposite corner but Randy bounces out with lariat.
Orton clotheslines Drew from the ring, then back drops him on the barricade twice. McIntyre shoves Orton into the ring post, then looks to hit a Claymore Kick but inadvertently hits a WWE official sitting in the timekeeper’s area. Drew just throws his hands up and laughs.

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We return to find Drew on the top rope, goading Orton to get to his feet. He jumps off but gets caught with a dropkick in mid-air and both men are down. They trade shots as they get to their feet, and McIntyre lands a few more wicked chops, only for Orton to respond with an eye poke. Randy tosses McIntyre to the apron and hits the draping DDT.
Orton rallies and looks for the RKO but instead receives a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre throws Orton with an overhead belly-to-belly for a near-fall, then hits a deadlift suplex and kips-up. McIntyre takes to the corner and counts down to the Claymore Kick, but instead he gets caught with a powerslam for a near-fall. Orton gets Drew on the top rope and hits a superplex. From out of nowhere, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson run down and attack McIntyre.

No contest

The O.C. beat on McIntyre until Orton comes in with a chair and hits them with it until they leave. We’re left with Orton and McIntyre and Randy acts like he might hit Drew with it, but instead throws it aside and calls him one tough son of a bitch. Orton turns to leave…but then hits an RKO.
Orton makes his way up the ramp but McIntyre grabs a microphone and shouts that he should have hit him with a Claymore. That’s on him. But he prays to Sunday that they meet in the Rumble, because he will kick his head off his shoulders. Then he will win the Royal Rumble and he will main event WrestleMania.
Charlotte Flair is interviewed backstage and says she isn’t afraid to face anyone. Becky Lynch appears beside her, smiles, then walks off. Flair says “yes, even her”. She says last year she was eliminated by Lynch, who wasn’t even meant to be in the match. This year she will eliminate everyone who stands in her way.
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The Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, is in the ring. She says last week Asuka did her a favour. She made her see things more clear than ever. Maybe it’s Asuka who should be doubting herself, and maybe that explains why she’s been sneak attacking her. And yes, she did beat her at the Royal Rumble last year, but who won in the end? Lynch says she went on to be the biggest thing in the business, while Asuka went on to YouTube to make soup.

Becky Lynch Vs. Kairi Sane W/Asuka

The match gets underway and Kairi spanks herself, then dances, but Becky responds with a throat punch that sends Sane outside the ring. Becky follows-up with a baseball slide. Lynch grabs Sane but Asuka distracts her, allowing Kairi to his a chop block. Sane gets in the ring and Asuka hits Lynch in the leg while the referee is distracted.
*Commercial Break*
Sane has Becky in a submission when we return, and Asuka is sitting on the ring post, watching the action. Lynch fights up and delivers a back heel. They trade shots on their knees, up to their feet, and Becky drops her with a series of lariats. Sane comes back and his a flying forearm from the middle rope for a two-count.
Becky hits a kick to the gut, then a reverse DDT. Lynch climbs to the middle rope and hits a leg drop for a two-count. Becky looks for the Dis-Arm-Her but Sane reverses with a roll-up but Lynch powers out.Becky lifts Sane for a suplex but Sane counters with a DDT. Sane hits the ropes but Becky sidesteps her and delivers a kick and knocks her to the floor.
Becky hits a flying forearm off the apron, then puts Sane back inside. Becky punches Asuka off the ring post, then forearms Sane, hits a Bexploder, and kicks her down before locking in the Dis-Arm-Her for the submission win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

As soon as the bell rings, Asuka runs in and clocks Becky with a shining wizard. Asuka starts choking Becky with the Asuka Lock but the referee pulls her off. Asuka drops Becky with a head kick then leaves with Kairi.
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Jerry Lawler mentions the first time he met Rocky Johnson, and says he will be missed. We get a video package for the life and legacy of Johnson, who died last week.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Asuka backstage and asks if this is the kind of Champion she wants to be. Asuka rants in Japanese, then says Becky is not ready for her.

Raw Tag Team Championships

(C) The Viking Raiders W/Samoa joe & kevin owens Vs. Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy W/The Author’s of Pain

The Championship bout gets underway with Erik and Rollins, but Murphy tags himself in and Rollins hugs him. Murphy gets clobbered with a running knee from Erik after he turns around. Ivar tags in and slams Murphy, then Erik body slams Ivar onto Murphy. Rollins pulls Murphy from the ring to regroup, meanwhile Akam and Rezar get on the apron. Owens and Joe pull them down and they start brawling around ringside, meanwhile Seth and Murphy brawl with Erik and Ivar in the ring.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Erik throws Murphy over the ropes to the floor, then does the same to Rollins and looks to make the tag to Ivar. Murphy and Rollins pull Ivar from the apron and throw him into the barricade. They get back in the ring and Murphy cracks Erik with a knee before suplexing him and tagging Rollings. Seth with a frog splash off the top for a near-fall.
Murphy tags back in and slows things down to talk trash to Erik and grab his beard. Murphy lands a few big kicks but gets flipped over and knee’d in the mouth. Ivar is back on the apron and gets the tag, as does Rollins. Ivar with a big shoulder tackle, then a sidewalk slam to Buddy and a running splash. Erik senton’s Rollins, cartwheel’s past Murphy, and hits a clothesline. Erik is tagged and they look to his the Viking Experience but Seth returns and saves Murphy.
Seth and Buddy roll from the ring, so Erik and Ivar hit suicide dives, then get Murphy back in the ring and hit the Viking Experience, but Seth breaks the pin. Seth knocks Erik from the ring but Ivar cracks him with a spinning heel kick. Murphy goes up top but Ivar climbs up with him. They struggle on the top until Rollins kicks Ivar, then hits a double powerbomb with Murphy for a near-fall.
Murphy gets the tag but Ivar counters him and Rollins to hit a springboard back elbow. Erik tags in and powerbombs Murphy, then looks for Ivar to hit a leg drop but Seth shoves him from the top rope to the floor! Murphy kicks Erik and he falls onto the bottom rope. Buddy distracts the referee, allowing Rollins to hit The Stomp on the apron and Buddy pins for the win!

Winners and New raw tag team champions: Seth Rollins & BUDDY MURPHY

*Commercial Break*
Murphy, Rollins, and AOP are celebrating backstage. Sarah Schreiber congratulates them and asks what this means. Rollins says this is a new beginning and it cements everything he’s been saying. He says last week Buddy Murphy lost to Aleister Black, but now he’s a Champion. And this Sunday, he’s going to win the Royal Rumble.
We get the next episode of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins’ WWE recap skit, in which they poke fun at Paul Heyman, John Morrison and Miz, Otis and Mandy, and R-Truth is a correspondent for them at the Royal Rumble arena.
Matt Hardy makes his entrance to a great reaction. He’ll be in action after the break.
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Matt Hardy Vs. Erick Rowan

The match begins and Hardy takes the back and forearms Rowan. Hardy tries to sunset flip Rowan but the big man drops an elbow on him. Rowan hits a running splash, then throws Matt onto the apron and big boots him to the floor.
Rowan drags Matt over to his bird cage and asks if he wants to see but then throws him back. Rowan opens the cage and reaches inside, and once again he’s bitten. Rowan lifts the cage and slams it on the steps. Hardy jumps on Rowan’s back and attacks him but gets shrugged off. Rowan then runs over Matt with a shoulder, before throwing him back in the ring. Rowan hits the Iron Claw slam for the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

We see clips from the Jerry Springer feud. Later tonight, Lashley and Lana will face Rusev and Liv Morgan.
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Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Owens and Joe. She asks what is next for them and Owens says that Rollins and Murphy winning the tag titles is interesting and they will deal with that. However they announced they would be in the Royal Rumble, but so is he. Joe says he’s all about transparency, so he’s also declaring his spot in the Rumble. Joe says when it comes to Seth, he will stand by KO’s side, but if it comes down to them, he will go right through him. Owens nods and walks off.
Charly Caruso is backstage and she interviews Mojo Rawley, the WWE 24/7 Champion. She asks how he will be a different champion. Rawley says the title has been held by cowards who run from danger, but that’s not him. The Singh Brothers try to sneak attack Rawley but he attacks them and throws them into production boxes.
Lana and Lashley come to the ring. Lana says Rusev Day is cancelled. The fans start chanting it and she tells them to shut up. Lana says nobody seems to care that they’re trying to show their love to the world. She says they have accepted the fact that everyone is jealous of their love. Lana rants about Rusev and Morgan and says she can’t wait to get her hands on them.

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Bobby Lashley & Lana Vs. Rusev & Liv Morgan

Morgan starts the match with Lana but the latter leaves the ring right away and Morgan chases her. They get back in the ring and Lana attacks Liv, then taunts her. Morgan gets up and clotheslines Lana before hitting a dropkick. Liv hits a flying back elbow in the corner.
Lashley distracts Morgan, allowing Lana to kick her in the head for a two count. Lana hits a suplex for another two count. Lana talks more trash and slaps Morgan, but Liv slaps her back. They end up hitting each other with stereo clotheslines and making tags.
Rusev runs over Lashley with shoulders before hitting a Samoan Drop. Rusev hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex but Lana gets on the apron behind Rusev to distract him. Lashley goes for an attack but Rusev moves and he almost hits Lana. Eventually Lana does hit Rusev and Lashley takes him down with the spin-out Dominator but Morgan breaks up the pin.
Morgan then hits an enzuigiri to Lashley and the crowd pop. Rusev sets up for the Macha Kick but Lana grabs his ankles. Rusev breaks free and turns around into a spears from Lashley, who scores the pinfall.

Winners: Bobby lashley and Lana

And that’s it for this week’s WWE Raw. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for all your wrestling needs. Until then, safe travels!

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