Cardi B Sends Shout Out To Rey Mysterio

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Cardi B threw a shout out to Rey Mysterio last night and it caused quite a stir.

We’re not sure what prompted Cardi B to tweet out: “REY MISTERIO.” She must be a huge Mysterio fan because she spelled his name in a way that he hasn’t used in a very long time.

Mr. 6-1-9 replied back with a “Booyaka.” Obviously, he appreciated the rub. Renee Young sent a message to Cardi B saying: “Girl.”

Brian Pillman, Jr, son of the legendary Brian Pillman sent another interesting tweet at Cardi B where he said: “We know you love wrestling babe.”

This is a very interesting little tweet from Cardi B. She didn’t provide any other clues as to what this was all about. Fans are reading into this to mean that she’s teasing some kind of work with WWE.

WrestleMania is coming up very soon and WWE loves bringing in big names. Let’s see if they can get Cardi B to make a cameo during the show of shows.

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