Lacey Evans is taking her position as a WWE Superstar very seriously. She wants to be a beacon of hope for those who are going through what she was able to rise up from. This includes speaking about a time in her life that wasn’t very happy.

The Lady Of WWE appeared on The Bump and she openly discussed her upbringing. Evans had a tough time in a big family where drugs, alcohol, and depression was an on-going theme.

Now she wants to provide a better life for her family and inspire others in the process.

“I grew up in a big household with lot of siblings. My father and mother both struggled with addiction and depression. I’m not quite to the point where I can talk about it without shedding a tear and I definitely don’t want to cry these eyelashes off, but my father lost the battle to addiction and depression and he passed away two months before my WWE tryout.”

“We were very, very close and that’s what I was used to. I didn’t have the good role models to point me in the right direction or make me strong, so I joined the Marine Corps.”

“Like I said, I didn’t have the role models. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I just knew for a fact what I didn’t want, how I didn’t want to live. Between the drugs and the mental health it’s just so important. So, I just use my platform to show the world that regardless of whether you are the addict or you are the baby that’s stuck in it or living that type of life even down to simple depression and letting life kick you when you’re down. It’s a terrible, terrible thing to be in and I know exactly what it feels like so here I am, I’m just taking it one day at a time and raising a strong, confident, proud little lady who doesn’t have to worry about having a mom who can’t wake up.”

Lacey Evans is now a babyface on WWE television so she can show more of her personality. There are a lot of babyface aspects to her character including Evans’ past, military history, and family dynamic.

We’ll have to see how far her star will rise in WWE, but she was certainly able to make it through a lot to reach her current status.

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