Lacey Evans Is ‘Cheap As Hell’ & Proud Of It

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Lacey Evans takes her position as a WWE Superstar very seriously. She wants to secure a future for her family and that includes being very frugal right now.

While on WWE The Bump, Lacey Evans revealed how she was able to save $1,325 a month in rent by buying a camper. She continues to live on the cheap and she’s very proud of the life she’s been able to help create for her family

“I’m very cheap. I’m very, very frugal. I was staying in an apartment for the first year and it was terrible. I was throwing my money away and I had nothing to show for it and it was such a busy life. It’s already busy being a WWE Superstar so I decided that not only would I save my money and stay in a camper, but I would stay at a camp site and my rent went from almost $1,700 a month down to $375 and I could literally wake up and my baby’s right there, my husband’s right there. The money we save they can travel with me and go on the road with me and I can home school her and be the mom she needs and be the wife my husband deserves.”

“Living at a camper at a camp site enabled me to do that. So I keep it with me to this day. I still live in a barn. We renovated an old barn and made it a home. It’s not even 1,000 square feet and I love that. I don’t wanna forget where I came from because you look at me with these dresses and these nails — Amazon, cheap as Hell as well — absolutely and I’m very proud of it and I can save my money and help people run my company and do things that are good.”

She hasn’t been shy at all in the past about speaking of living in a camper and sleeping in her car on the road with WWE.

Evans said that she took her 7 year old daughter Summer shopping last night and bought some toys. They do treat themselves, but “the camper is a huge part of my life and it’s my roots.” This is why it will continue to sit on her property just in case a guest comes to visit.

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