Chris Benoit’s Family Hired Lawyer To Shut Down ‘Crossface’ Biopic Film

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Chris Benoit’s life and death is the subject of a lot of intrigue. A movie called Crossface was set to be made about The Crippler’s life. Those plans changed.

German director Lexi Alexander was even brought on to helm the project about Benoit. They were set to start filming in 2016. His son David Benoit provided quite an update about that movie.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, David Benoit revealed that the Crossface film will not be happening because they got lawyers involved.

“There was a director, everything bro. We had to step in because they wanted to do the tragedy about how it all went down. So we said no. They needed our permission. She sent us the script and then the end was the whole murder/suicide was gonna be all in it. We said no.”

David said he has no idea how a director was attached to the project after they rejected it. The Benoit Family got a lawyer and shut the film down.

He is not opposed to a documentary showing Chris Benoit in a different light. “I have so many home videos,” David said. Perhaps one day that project will see the light of day instead.

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