Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for WWE Raw on January 13th.
Tonight’s Raw is set to be one that aims to settle the grudges currently running the show. First and foremost, Seth Rollins and his goons will face Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and The Big Show in a fist fight. We have no clue what this match is, nor do any wrestlers based on their joking Tweets this past week. Hopefully it’s something fun and worth revisiting.
The other grudge match tonight sees Rusev finally get his hands on Bobby Lashley. Rusev is promising to bring back the Bulgarian Brute tonight and tear Lashley limb-from-limb. I can see this match going to a DQ finish or something, so the real outcome can come at the Royal Rumble.
More grudges matches tonight include Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles, and Aleister Black Vs. Buddy Murphy. So, if nothing else, tonight’s Raw should be one that delivers between the ropes. And Brock Lesnar returns to promote the Rumble, so that’s always fun. And that’s the preview for tonight’s Raw. Let us know what you’re excited to see by following us on Instagram and Twitter.  Enjoy the show!


This week’s Raw opens with the future Hall of Famer, The Viper, Randy Orton coming to the ring.

The fans chant for Orton as he stands in the ring, so he jumps on the top rope and goes for another slow pose. Orton says he was asked to come out tonight and “excitedly” welcome everyone to Raw. However excited isn’t his style, so he wants to call-out a Superstar who is exciting. “AJ Styles, get your ass out here.” Orton says he will show Styles why he is going to win the Royal Rumble and while he’s here he’ll introduce him to the three most destructive letters in WWE…RKO.
Styles comes to the ring looking mad. AJ asks why Orton asked him to come out. He admits that Orton got him last week with the injury angle. And now Randy thinks he’s favourite to win the Rumble but it’s not true and he knows it. Orton asks why and AJ says because last week on Raw he hit the sweetest RKO of all-time for the win. Orton laughs and AJ says many people have said it was the best they’d ever seen. It was so good that maybe that’s all he needs to win the Royal Rumble.
Drew McIntyre comes out and says that would have to include himself. He says he’s had a few hard weeks with tough opponents, like the conga line. But now he wants bigger and better, and it just so happens he finds himself looking at Randy Orton and AJ Styles. He says they’re having an RKO-measuring contest but his Claymore is bigger. Randy throws his mic in the air. Drew then asks the fans if they want to see them talk all night, or have a Triple Threat match. Of course, the fans chose the latter.

Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and Drew kicks AJ, then Randy pokes him in the eye and throws him from the ring. Randy knocks AJ to the apron and looks for the draping DDT but out comes Gallows to pull AJ down. Meanwhile Karl Anderson runs into the ring and gets caught with an RKO. On the outside, McIntyre drops Gallows with a Claymore.
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We’re back live and Orton is down, meanwhile McIntyre has AJ on the top rope. Drew looks for a superplex but AJ knocks him into the tree of woe. Randy comes over and stomps Drew in the tree, then he climbs over Drew to superplex AJ but McIntyre sits up and German suplexes Orton and AJ goes too.
McIntyre puts Randy in the corner but Styles kicks him away. McIntyre drops AJ with a Glasgow Kiss, then hits the Future Shock DDT and kips up. Drew goes to the corner and counts down for the Claymore but runs into a dropkick from Randy. McIntyre pulls Orton from the ring and slams him into the barricade, but then Styles comes from the ring with a Phenomenal Forearm to him. Styles lifts Drew with a back suplex into the barricade and Styles shoves him into the ring post.
Orton grabs the steel steps and cracks Drew in the head with them, then he and AJ get into the ring. As soon as Randy gets in, AJ hits the draping DDT. Styles drops to his knees and pounds the mat like Orton, and goes for the RKO but gets countered. Styles drops Randy with a Pele kick, then looks for the RKO again but gets shoved away and kicked. Orton lifts AJ and hits the Styles Clash but he kicks out!

Orton drops down and readies for the RKO but AJ counters with a roll-up for a near-fall. Orton catches Styles with the RKO but McIntyre immediately comes in and hits him with a Claymore and pins Styles for the win!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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We see a lengthy recap of last week’s Raw when Big Show returned. I love Show as much as the next guy but why is WWE pushing him again?
Akam and Rezar are taping-up backstage when in walks Seth Rollins. He says he hopes they’re as excited as he is, because opportunities like this don’t come around very often. He says this fist fight is an opportunity and if you aren’t with him you’re against him. He asks if Joe, Owens, or Big Show can stop them and they say no. He says you can’t stop destiny and he has sacrificed more than anyone to ensure that remains intact.
Ricochet makes his entrance for a match, after the break.
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Ricochet Vs. Mojo Rawley

The bell rings and Mojo swings a kick but Ricochet ducks it. Ricochet grabs the back but Rawley throws him off. Ricochet delivers a few forearms, then rolls under Mojo and hits a headscissors and a dropkick.
Rawley delivers a knee to the gut, then throws Ricochet onto the apron. Ricochet slides under the ropes and through Mojo’s legs, then throws him over the ropes to the floor and acts like he won the Rumble. Ricochet hits Mojo with a springboard kick as he attempted to get back in the ring, followed by a dive over the ropes.
Back in the ring, Ricochet hits a springboard but Rawley avoids it and hits a pounce for a two-count. Rawley connects with shoulders in the corner, followed by a running splash. Mojo wants an Alabama Slam but Ricochet holds the ropes and knees him away. Ricochet then hits a kick and a springboard crossbody but Rawley catches him. Ricochet counters Mojo with a Recoil, followed by a 630 splash for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

The Street Profits are backstage and Ford says this Raw is so hot we should rename it Monday Night Smoke. He talks about the card tonight and asks Dawkins who he has in the fist fight tonight. Dawkins says he’s busy working on his Oscar ballet, and Ford says what a good pop culture reference. Dawkins throws it away and asks the truck to hit The Queen’s music.
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Charlotte Flair Vs. Sarah logan

The match gets underway and Charlotte clocks Logan with a big boot before she can react. Charlotte grabs her leg and looks to apply the Figure Four but Logan scrambles to the opes and gets out of the ring. Charlotte chases after her and they brawl on the outside.
Charlotte wanted an exploder but Logan blocked it, then they continued fighting in a rather rough way. Then Charlotte put her back in the ring, slammed her into the buckles, and applied the Figure Eight for the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Charlotte put on her robe, then tossed Logan over and out and she hit the apron hard. That was super weird; Logan got an entrance as though they were maybe looking to push her, but the match was awkward and reeked of a squash.
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Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are backstage, debating tactics for tonight. Joe says the only tactics they need is beating people up. The Big Show walks up and clenches a fist in front of Owens. He says his fist needs to be reintroduced to Seth Rollins.

The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman come to the ring. Heyman mocks the Kentucky accent as they boo the two of them, then introduces him and Brock. The fans keep booing and start chanting “you suck”, so Heyman and Brock leave the ring and start up the ramp. They stop and Heyman says is client does not suck.
They’ve got nuclear heat in Kentucky. The two of them get back in the ring and Brock holds his title up. Heyman says they’ll start over, so he reintroduces himself and the boos are incredible – and people wonder why Brock is still around. Heyman says last week they broke the biggest news of the year, that Brock would be entering the Royal Rumble at number 1. He reiterates that none of the other 29 men are worthy, and none will stand a chance.
Heyman says there is a streak going on in WWE and it’s perhaps the greatest of all-time. Of course there was another streak at one point but it was conquered by The Beast. The new streak is about his spoilers. And his spoilers are always right. He says he wants to make it clear that Brock isn’t going to eek out a win at the Rumble, he’s going to dominate. Heyman continues talking his spoilers until R-Truth, the 24/7 Champion, comes out.
Truth gets in the ring and he says he’s glad Heyman called him out, because he’s about to set things off. Truth says he saw something about the Rumble on TV; you might be the most favourite but his childhood hero, John Cena, taught him to never give up. So for the first time ever, the 24/7 48/7 7/11 190 South, Lexington, Kentucky European Champion is declaring the Rumble. And it isn’t about the size of the dog, but the size of the fight. He says you might be a big, big, big man but you will go over that top rope…Paul Heyman.

Brock laughs his ass off while Heyman looks baffled. Heyman calls Truth a “bong-kit”, and says he isn’t in the match. He says Truth will be going face-to-face with Lesnar instead. Truth asks Heyman if he’s in the match and Heyman yells at him. Truth says “my bad”, and then says that, for the first time, he is officially undeclaring the Royal Rumble match. Brock laughs again. Truth says he wasn’t listening back there because Heyman talks so much. And he’s been spoiling everything, so what’s the point. Truth says he isn’t entering the Rumble because he doesn’t want to go to Sioux Falls City. Heyman tells at Truth and says nobody like him. Brock gets in Truth’s face but Truth asks him what’s up, then does the splits and dance…until Brock clotheslines him. Brock F5’s Truth and lifts the 24/7 Championship then throws it at Truth. Brock grabs the mic and says “that’s what’s up” and leaves with his title. What a great segment.
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We return to see referee’s helping Truth up the ramp, but Mojo Rawley runs down and boots him. Rawley pins and wins. Mojo Rawley is the new WWE 24/7 Champion. Rawley celebrates his big win.
Charly Caruso stops Bobby Lashley and Lana earlier today – even though it’s dark – outside the arena. She asks about their wedding and they get mad. They recount the events of the wedding and say it was a disaster. So they’ve made two new year resolutions; to accept that everyone is jealous of them, and they will crush Rusev.
The happy couple make their entrance as we head to the break.
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Bobby Lashley W/Lana Vs. Rusev

Liv Morgan was supposed to be in Rusev’s corner but she’s nowhere to be seen. The match begins and the two behemoths trade blows in the ring. Lashley takes the back and Rusev struggles to break free – nowhere near enough intensity for what this should be. Leapfrog from Lashley but Rusev connects with a spinning heel kick. One count from Rusev – why would he go for a pin when he wants to destroy Lashley?
Lashley fights back and beats Rusev down in the corner, and chokes him with his boot. Lashley beats Rusev into the opposite corner and rubs his forearm across his face. Rusev turns the tables and batters Lashley until the referee forces him off. Lashley whips Rusev but the Bulgarian bounces out of the corner with a lariat. Suplex from Rusev, then he beats Lashley up against the ropes.
Rusev yells in Lashley’s face, then unloads a few right hands. Lashley fires back with a boot and falls into the corner, but Rusev comes right back with a cannonball for a near-fall. Bobby rolls to the outside and Rusev grabs him through the ropes but the almighty delivers a thumb to the eye. Lashley runs into the ring and clotheslines Rusev to the outside. Lashley runs around the ring and hits a big spear on the floor.
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Back live and Lashley has Rusev in a headlock in the ring. Rusev starts to fight up but Lashley counters with a body slam. Lashley stands on Rusev’s head but Rusev grabs his ankle and looks for a submission. Lashley drops an elbow on him, then drags Rusev to the ring post and slams his knee into it.
Back in the ring, Lashley kicks Rusev and delivers repeated right hands as Lana claps. Lashley looks for the roll-out Dominator but Rusev escapes. Lashley looks for a shoulder tackle in the corner but eats ring post. Rusev fires up and delivers big right hands, followed a lariat, and another, and a Samoan Drop. Rusev takes to the corner and hits a splash to Lashley, followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.
Rusev looks for the Machka Kick but Lashley avoids it and hits a German suplex. Rusev no-sells it and follows-up with the Machka Kick! Rusev stomps on the back and looks for the Accolade but Lana gets on the apron to distract him. Lashley delivers a chop block, then both men hit clotheslines.

Out come Liv Morgan and she goes right for Lana. They come face-to-face and Liv begs Lana to hit her. Lana grabs a fan’s drink and throws it in Liv’s face, then whips her into the barricade before screaming. Meanwhile, Lashley delivers a spear for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

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Charly Caruso is backstage and she says she has some breaking news, but up walk Bobby Lashley and Lana. They says Rusev was the least of their worries. Lana calls Liv a troll and a stalker, and says she shouldn’t intimidate her. So she challenges them to a mixed tag match on Raw next week. Lashley doesn’t like it but Lana yells that she is a fashion model and a fashionista, nobody intimidates her.
The RAW tag team Champions, The Viking Raiders come to the ring. Erik says “new week, same story”. He says anyone who challenges them gets put down. They have proven their dominance throughout the RAW tag division. Ivar says tonight they dare any team to try and stop them.

The Viking Raiders Vs. The singh brothers

Before the Brothers even get in the ring, Erik and Ivar go out and grab them. They throw them into each other like lawn darts. Ivar gets in the ring with Sunil, while Erik tosses Samir in. Erik tags in and he body slams Ivar onto both Singh’s. They hit the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

We cut backstage to Rusev and Liv Morgan. He says they’re both a waste of breath. He says he will fight them next week. Liv says she doesn’t make promises she can’t keep. So here’s a promise; she’s a living embodiment of her karma. And karma is an honest to god bitch.

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Jerry Lawler is in the ring, ready to oversee a contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka.

Lynch comes to the ring first, and Lawler asks if there’s anything she’d like to say but she just sits down. Asuka is out next, with Kairi Sane in tow. Sane pokes Lynch with her umbrella a few times, so Becky takes it from her and makes her leave the ring.
They get down to business and Asuka signs first. Becky pauses, but then puts pen to paper. Lynch says “may the best woman win” but Asuka jumps up and sprays the poison mist in her face. Asuka yells something in Japanese while Becky rolls around in agony. Asuka and Sane leave up the ramp and doctors tend to Becky.
Becky asks for the microphone but she can’t open her eyes. She says that when they give you money, praise, awards, everything, it’s all poison. And her veins are full of it. Becky says Asuka is hungry and agony, while she’s been happy. She says she’s tried to find an anger to face Asuka because she’s the most dangerous woman she’s ever faced. Becky looks in the camera and says she’s struggled to find that anger but when someone puts their hands on her it arises a badness. She says she doesn’t care that they’ve tried to erase Asuka, and she doesn’t care that she might lose at Royal Rumble again, because she’ll go down swinging.
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Next week, Rey Mysterio will face Andrade in a ladder match for the United States Championship. Zelina Vega and Andrade are interviewed backstage. Vega says that Andrade is more of a man than Rey Mysterio. He was more of a man when he beat him to win the United States Championship. He was more of a man when he retained it last week, and when he took the mask off Rey. Zelina says Rey is a disgrace to Latino’s everywhere, and a disgrace to his children. Andrade yells in Spanish.
Rey Mysterio joins Charly Caruso backstage to respond. Rey says he’s being accused of being a criminal and not being worthy of representing the Latino people. Rey speaks Spanish. He says ever since Andrade won the title, he’s felt that he can get away with anything. And Vega thinks he’s a joke to his kids. That’s not a joke. Nor was it a joke when Andrade injured Humberto Carrillo. Rey says he loves the ladder match and he’s willing to risk years of his career. And he accepts those risks. Next week he’s going to take the United States Championship.
We get a video highlighting Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy. Black makes his way to the ring, where they two will go to battle.

*Commercial Break*

Aleister Black Vs. Buddy Murphy

This match gets underway and they come face-to-face. Murphy talks trash but Black connects with a spinning back elbow. Murphy fires back with a kick. Buddy tries to throw Black over the ropes but he bounces back at him. Black kicks Murphy and swings for Black Mass but Murphy ducks and rolls from the ring.
Black hits a baseball slide, then kicks Murphy hard up against the barricade. Black chases Murphy into the ring but Buddy delivers a few stiff up-kicks, then rolls to the outside. Black goes out and kicks Murphy and he stumbles up the ramp. Murphy counters Black by slamming him head-first into the steel ramp. Murphy slams Black into the barricade, then slides in and out of the ring to break the referee’s count.
Murphy shoves Black into the barricade, then the timekeeper’s area. Murphy climbs on the barricade but Black kicks his leg out and he lands chest first on the joint of the barricade. Black gets him back in the ring for a one count, then tries to grind him down with an arm submission. Murphy fires back with an arm-drag that sends Black to the apron. Murphy tries to tackle him through the ropes but Black avoids it and kicks him.
Back in the ring, Black looks for a shoulder tackle in the corner but Murphy leaps through the ropes to the apron and kicks his head against the ring post. Murphy grabs Black’s handing body from the outside and suplexes him into the barricade.
*Commercial Break*
We return live to see Murphy try to powerbomb Black at ringside but fall over and get double stomped. Black dropkicks Murphy into the timekeeper’s area, then delivers a running knee – Black flew over the barricade and landed in a woman’s lap.
They get back in the ring and Black drops Murphy with a series of kicks, then flips up and hits a springboard moonsault for a two-count. “Fight forever” chant from the fans. Black lifts Murphy with his boot but Buddy grabs the boot and looks for Murphy’s Law but Black counters. Murphy rolls Black up and holds the tights but the referee catches him. Murphy sends Black from the ring and looks for a dive but Black slides in and hits a knee for a near-fall.
Black gets to his feet and grabs Buddy on the apron but gets elbowed. Black slams Murphy into the ring post, and climbs the ropes but Murphy delivers an enziguiri to knock him down. Murphy climbs the buckles but Black runs and jumps up to meet him. Murphy throws Black off with a front suplex, but Black runs right back at him with a leaping knee that sends Murphy flying off the top and into the barricade!
Both men get back in the ring and are staring at each other on their stomachs. They get to their feet and slug it out. Murphy delivers a few good kicks but Black delivers some of his own. Teep sends Murphy into the ropes and a knee drops him. Murphy counters a springboard moonsault with a kick, then hits Murphy’s Law…but Black got his foot on the rope!

Murphy can’t believe it. He tries to lift Black for a second Murphy’s Law but Black can’t stand. Instead, Murphy lifts him with his boot and swings for Black Mass but Black ducks it and hits his own. For some reason the referee didn’t count to three and it was clearly a mistake because Black got up and just hit another to win the match.

Winner: Aleister Black

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Erick Rowan comes to the ring with his bird cage and Buddy Murphy is still sitting at ringside. Caruso tries to interview Buddy at ringside but he isn’t interested.

Erick Rowan Vs. Unnamed talent

Rowan immediately throws the Heath Slater look-alike over the ropes to the floor. Rowan drags him over to the bird cage but the guy resists, so Rowan throws him into the barricade. Rowan shouts that he wanted to show him, then goes over and pull back the tarp to reveal a wooden box. Rowan opens a little door and reaches inside but quickly recoils and his hands is bloody. It bit him. Rowan gets mad, slides into the ring and hits a Facehugger Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Seth Rollins, Akam, and Rezar are heading to the ring for the fist fight.

*Commercial Break*

Fist Fight

The Big show, kevin owens, & samoa joe vs. seth rollins & author’s of pain

The Big Show is attacked by Seth and AOP as he makes his entrance, however Owens and Joe quickly run down with Kendo sticks to even the odds. This match had no disqualifications, no count-outs, etc. Big Show beats Rollins in the ring and a table is sent inside, meanwhile Rezar brawls with Owens on the stage, and Joe fights Akam beside the stage.
Big Show tries to lawn-dart Rollins into the ring post but he slides off and shoves the big man into it. On the stage, Akam and Rezar look to double-team Joe, but Kevin Owens literally runs up the Titantron like a Showtime Kick in UFC and hits a senton onto everyone below!

Joe grabs Rezar and puts him on a table, then hits a senton off the stage through it! Meanwhile, Big Show is beating Rollins around the ring. Seth rolls outside and Buddy Murphy is still there. Seth begs him for help but Murphy ignores him. Show drags Rollins back into the ring and looks for the WMD but in comes Murphy and he low-blows Show! Murphy and Rollins then ram Show through the table propped in the corner.
The four men on the stage start fighting again but Akam and Rezar put Joe on the announce table. They then lift Owens and slam him onto Joe and through the table! In the ring, Rollins looks for The Stomp but Show avoids it and throws Buddy from the ring. Show splashes Rollins in the corner, then starts climbing the ropes but Akam and Rezar grabs him and powerbomb him. Murphy returns and helps lift Show so that Rollins can hit The Stomp. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Author’s of Pain

After the match, Seth hugs Akam and Rezar. He then turns his attention to Buddy Murphy and opens his arms. Murphy hugs Rollins and they’ve officially joined forces.

And that’s it for this week’s Raw. Next week we have a mixed tag match between Rusev, Liv Morgan, Bobby Lashley, and Lana, as well as a ladder match for the United States Championship between Rey Mysterio and Andrade. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news. I’ll see you on Wednesday for All Elite Wrestling results. Until then, safe travels!

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