Welcome to Ringside News’ live coverage of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II. The event will start at 12:00 PM EST. Check back then for constant updates.

The NXT UK roster always brings it when they have a TakeOver special. WWE’s United Kingdom fans are also incredibly energetic and inventive with their chants.

The main event WWE UK Championship match between Walter and Joe Coffey might headline the event, but any of the matches can steal the show.

The NXT UK Tag Team Title ladder match is also likely to get a lot of attention. Gallus, Grizzles Young Veterans, Imperium, and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster could tear the house down.

Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm vs Piper Niven for the NXT UK Women’s Title could also consist of a breakthrough performance or three.

You can check out the complete card below. There might only be five matches, but it will be a packed card full of action.

WWE United Kingdom Championship

Walter vs Joe Coffey

NXT UK Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match

Gallus vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

NXT UK Women’s Title

Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm vs Piper Niven

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

This match started off with a one-armed slam from Seven for a two count. They traded some chops and then Dennis hit a throwing Razor’s Edge from the corner.

Dennis continued to wear Seven down, but Trent kept kicking out. Trent fired back with some close-range chops and a snap dragon suplex that sent Dennis outside. Then Seven hit a suicide dive before throwing Dennis back in.

Seven missed a dive off the top rope as Dennis moved out of the way. Dennis hit a spinning slam and got a two count out of it.

Dennis nailed a forearm smash and then Trent nailed another slam for a near fall. Trent tried a burning hammer, but Dennis got free. Then Eddie Dennis started to mess with the top turnbuckle pad, but the referee caught him.

The turnbuckle pad fell off as Seven hit Dennis with a superplex for a two count. Seven accidentally went into the exposed turnbuckle and he was out. Then Dennis picked him up and powerbombed Seven outside of the ring because the referee blocked him from doing a bucklebomb in the exposed corner. Dennis rolled Seven inside for a two count.

Then Dennis hit a Next Stop Driver for the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm vs Piper Niven – NXT UK Women’s Title Match

Storm hit Ray during the introductions and this match got started quickly. Niven nailed a suicide dive to the outside on Ray. Piper put Ray back in and Storm pounced on her before Niven hit a senton on both of them for a two count on Ray.

Niven hit a crossbody on Storm to stop her from hitting a move on Ray. Then Kay Lee Ray nailed a superkick before Storm hit a German suplex on her.

Ray chopped Piper and then Niven fired back with some punches. Ray tried to hit a Gory Bomb on Niven, but that wasn’t happening. Then Storm hit a German Suplex on Niven thanks to Ray hitting a superkick.

Soon all three women were down and receiving applause from the crowd.

Ray got a chair from under the ring and went inside the ring. She choked Tony with the chair and then Niven got some of the same treatment. Ray then wedged Toni’s head in the chair, but Niven tackled her before she could break her neck. Then Storm got the chair and had a stand-off with Niven.

Piper told her to “do it, have at it,” but Toni dropped the chair. Then they teamed up on Ray and threw her outside before Niven hit a cannonball off the apron onto the NXT UK Women’s Champion.

Then Kay Lee Ray jumped up to the top and returned fire with a dive of her own. They returned to the ring and Ray went up top again. Storm climbed up with her and Niven hit a powerbomb on her. Then Ray nailed her with a senton off the top and Niven hit a powerbomb on Kay Lee Ray for a two count.

Ray finally nailed a Gory Bomb on Niven, but Storm broke up the count. Kay took out Storm with a suicide dive. Then Niven nailed a Destroyer before Storm jumped in and hit a Storm Zero, but it was broken up by Niven.

Toni tried for another Storm Zero, but hit a Pedigree on Niven instead for a two count. Then Storm climbed up top and hit a frog splash. Ray then pushed Toni Storm out of the ring for the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Devlin backed Bate into the turnbuckle and landed a headbutt before they separated. They started off a bit slow with Devlin applying some joint manipulation to Bate’s arm.

Bate dragged Devlin to the ground and then bridged up to hit one punch, but Devlin blocked the second. Then they went off the ropes before Bate sent Devlin for a back body drop.

“Big Strong Boi” chants erupted in Blackpool as Bate hit a military press. Then a kick to the face sent Devlin to the outside.

Devlin caught Bate and slammed him before hitting a moonsault into the ring for a near fall.

They continued and Devlin maintained control as the crowd chanted for Bate. Then Devlin hit a double underhook suplex before mocking Mustache Mountain with their chant.

Devlin kept kicking Bate in the face and then Tyler launched him to the outside before nailing a dive over the top rope. “NXT” chants broke out as Bate climbed the turnbuckle. He went for a crossbody, but Devlin countered with knees to the midsection.

Jordan Devlin got a full surfboard stretch on Bate while wrenching down on his neck. They ran off the ropes and both hit cross body blocks to hit the canvas hard.

Bate caught Devlin and launched him before kipping up and hitting a boot to the face and a standing shooting star press for a near fall. “This is awesome” chants broke out.

Bate caught Devlin again she sent him on an airplane spin that went around 46 times. Yes, 46 times before slamming him down. “Big Strong Boi” chants broke out. Then Bate hit a brainbuster for a two count.

Devlin countered a Tyler Driver 97 for a near fall. Then Devlin flipped Bate around with a suplex for a two count.

Bate lifted Devlin to the outside and he immediately hit a cutter before they went for a dive to outside that was the result of Bate blocking a second cutter attempt. It was a hard fall to the outside.

Devlin kicked Bate and went back inside which caused Tyler to nearly avoid a count out loss. Devlin hit some kicks, but Bate caught his foot before trading some forearm shots.

Eventually, both men were on the mat once again as the Blackpool crowd chanted on. They made it to the top rope where Devlin nailed a Spanish Fly and another slam for a two count.

Devlin nailed Bate in the face and went for a Tyler Driver, but Bate blocked it and nailed a headbutt. Then Bate hit a Twisted Corkscrew dive off the top for the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Gallus vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster – NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match

They took a moment before an all-out brawl started. Gibson and Drake soon cleared the ring until Gallus came in. Bartel brought Wolfie off the apron and then Coffey took a spinebuster from Imperium.

Morgan and Andrews soon had the ring to themselves where they tried to dive onto Grizzled Young Veterans, but they were stopped before GYV grabbed a ladder and then took chair instead.

Morgan and Andres took chair shots and then Wolfgang speared a chair away and Gallus took control. They placed chairs on Drake’s face, but Imperium took them out and hit dropkicks on the chair instead.

Then Webster and Andrews nailed a dive onto Imperium on the outside before setting up a ladder on the inside. They started to climb, but Imperium stopped them and tossed them out. Gallus took Imperium out with a ladder and the crowd chanted “we want tables.”

Imperium turned things around on Gallus by using the ladders against them and then Webster hit a moonsault off a ladder before jumping over Fabian and getting caught between the ladder and the corner where Bartel nailed a dropkick on him.

Both members of Grizzled Young Veterans took hard bumps into the ladder thanks to Gallus.

They continued on and nobody got any closer to the titles. The ladder was knocked down and then Webster took a suplex into the ladder from Bartel as it was propped up against the ropes. Then Fabian hit a moonsault on him on the ladder as well.

Imperium started to climb, but Gibson grabbed the first man as Drake brought another, even larger ladder in the ring. Gallus stopped them from climbing up and then Coffey set up a third ladder. Soon there were four ladders in the ring with the fourth one creating a bridge from the tallest ladder and the middle rope.

Webster brought in a fifth ladder and tried to climb up too. Every man was up and then Coffey and Fabian fell. Wolfgang took a bump and then Webster fell out of the ring to the floor.

Andrews tried to climb, but Gibson grabbed his foot and pulled him off to hit a suplex. Drake stood on the bridged ladder and hit a 450 Splash.

Grizzled Young Veterans tried to hoist each other to get the belts, but Fabian stopped Gibson. Drake was on the top of the ladder and then Imperium hit a double team European bomb on him.

Imperium threw all the ladders out of the ring except one. Gallus came in and took Imperium down before grabbing ladders and sandwiching Fabian and Bartel with the ladder.

They continued on until Andrews grabbed a kendo stick and took out the Grizzled Young Veterans off the ladder. Imperium plucked him off and Fabian hit a brainbuster to take Andrews out.

Suddenly, Coffey grabbed Bartel as he was touching the titles. Imperium used double team defense to avoid a German Suplex off the ladder and then Fabian took a spear from Wolfie through a ladder in the corner.

Bartel got pushed to the floor as Gallus climbed up and snatched the titles.

Winners: Gallus

Walter vs Joe Coffey – WWE United Kingdom Championship Match

They tested strength at first and Coffey sent Walter outside with a backdrop driver. Coffey hit a boot as Walter was coming in and then he hit a dive to the outside off the apron.

They continued and eventually they traded heavy shots in the middle of the ring. Walter clubbed away at Coffey until he finally knocked Joe down. They traded even more brutal chops and Walter took Coffey down once again.

Coffey rolled to the apron and Walter nailed some chops while stretching Joe over the top rope. He returned fire after catching Walter’s arm on the third strike and climbed up top where Walter caught a dropkick and turned it into a Boston Crab. He transferred that to the STF.

They continued trying to outdo each other and each man soon found themselves on the mat and trying to get up. Once they did, the battle only continued.

The referee was taken out and Coffey would have won the title, but there was nobody to count. Soon, Wolfe from Imperium ran to the ring and took out Coffey. Ilja Dragunov ran down and took out Wolfe and then he speared Wolf through Coffey as it took out Joe’s knee.

Walter clotheslined Dragunov out of impulse as he realized that Coffey was on the outside. He sent Coffey into the ring steps before powerbombing him onto the side of the apron.

They returned to the inside where Coffey was able to create some separation between himself and Walter. Then Coffey landed some chops and punches as Walter went to the corner and cover up.

Walter nailed a kick to the knee and climbed up top to hit a splash for a two count. Coffey reversed another powerbomb and hit a clothesline before hitting a lariat for a two count.

Walter then caught Coffey in a sleeper hold and kicked his back hard before reapplying the sleeper. Joe grabbed the ropes and Walter hit a sleeper hold suplex. Then Walter nailed a powerbomb before hitting a chop and another powerbomb before applying another variation of the sleeper hold on the mat.

Coffey tapped out and that’s that.

Winner: Walter

As Imperium were celebrating, Undisputed Era rushed the ring and laid everyone out.

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