WWE viewership is not what it used to be. The product is not experiencing the worst business in the company’s history, but it’s close. The ratings on the other hand, are not necessarily calculated by how many people tune in, but which percentage of the demographic pays attention.

Fans are smarter now more than they ever have been. The internet provides fans with immediate access to information about the company that WWE would love to erase from the information super highway.

The USA Network recently boasted that they were the number one cable channel in 2019. Then WWE followed this message up by talking about what a great tag team they are.

The tag team of #RAW & @USA_Network DOMINATED the ratings in 2019!

Fans saw this message from WWE and they could not contain themselves. They dragged the company in many different ways. You can check out some notable responses below.

WWE might pull a steady rating, but viewership numbers is what a lot of fans think about most when they hear “ratings.” This is a tricky loophole that WWE is using so they can be able to say this. It is the same logic behind them saying they have 1 billion social media followers when that is not the case at all.

Felix Upton

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