Monday Night RAW is going to be interesting tonight with a series of potentially fascinating matches and segments already being announced by WWE.

One such example of that comes in the form of the RAW Tag Team Championship match, with The Viking Raiders being set to go head to head with both The OC and The Street Profits in a triple threat match with the belts being on the line.

With the champions not needing to be submitted or pinned in order to lose the belts, The OC are well aware of the fact that this could serve as the perfect opportunity for them to recapture the gold.

AJ Styles will likely be nothing more than a cheerleader in this bout, but given the rules attached to a triple threat match, there’s a very good chance that he is going to try and influence the result in favour of his faction.

Either way we’re shaping up for a really fun match, but it certainly is worth noting that regardless of who wins, a lot of fans still haven’t got all too much of an emotional attachment to the titles in question.

Whether that be due to the design or how WWE has treated the belts doesn’t really matter, because what does matter is the need to build the tag division up to feel like something worth watching.

This is going to be a fun match and there’s no doubting that, but WWE can’t keep getting by on putting on good matches without putting an interesting story behind them.

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