MJF appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell show when he was just a young child. He claims that the famous talk show host took advantage of him. He never got paid and he’s waiting for check.

While the Young Salt Of The Earth was on the Rosie Show, he sang rendition of You Are My Sunshine. He wanted to be an opera singer and a pro wrestler, after all.

Now “Platinum” Max Caster, a rapper and indie wrestler has used that MJF song as a sample on a track. The song is about two minutes long and it’s packed with insider pro wrestling jokes.

In this song, Caster claims that MJF is really a great guy in real life. He’s buying snacks for the locker room and is a joy to be around. All the while he’s using MJF’s embarrassing childhood memory in the background.


You can check it out below.

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H Jenkins

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