Jushin Liger Reveals If he Will Lose His Mask After Retirement Match

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Jushin Liger unmasked recently, but that didn’t really count. Instead of revealing his true face he became Kishin Liger. With his final match coming up at Wrestle Kingdom 14, fans are wondering if the legend will lose the mask for good.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Liger revealed that Go Nagai, the creator of the original Jushin Liger TV series told him that it’s okay to keep the mask even if he retires. 

“If you wear a mask even if you retire, it’s okay to take the name Liger.”

It looks like Jushin Thunder Liger will continue appearing under his legendary mask even after he retires. He has been known to sit in on commentary as well, but they’ll have to continue to fit his headset around his mask if he continues in that role as well.

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