WWE has gone through a bit of a changing of the guard backstage. The backstage atmosphere is full of a lot of different names now. Some people who were there for years like Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson are no longer there. If you as Double A, he knows exactly why.

On a recent episode of his “ARN” podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed how far in advance he knew he was getting fired. For Anderson, he could see the writing on the wall a good four years ahead of time.

“Probably 4 years. Somewhere in there, before I got canned. I was getting blamed for stuff that was perceived to be my fault, that wasn’t my fault. My opinion was not valued. You know… something I’m not sure that everybody knows, and I’m sure they don’t… besides our duties on the road, when you’re a Producer and you’re traveling all those miles and going out on Friday, and sometimes driving 1,000 miles before you get to RAW, and then you got another couple 300 that night, and you drive, and you gotta be there early for SmackDown.”

“On top of all that, they would send the show [script] out, sometimes on Sunday night. So after you had already put in 1,000 miles, you had already did a show, you had driven to RAW, however far that was. Then you would get an e-mail, and you would have to critique the show, have to read through a three-hour RAW, give your opinions, suggestions. Same thing with SmackDown. Now it doesn’t matter that it’s 4 in the morning and you’re dead tired. But that’s all the Producers.”


Anderson helped create all of John Cena’s matches as well. Now that nobody can literally see Cena then that also might have caused an issue for Arn. Eventually, Arn Anderson was fired because Alicia Fox wrestled intoxicated in match that he produced. Now he is on his own, but at least he seems happier.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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