NXT and AEW Dynamite are both on Wednesday nights, but All Elite Wrestling plays much larger buildings. There was a thought that NXT might move to larger venues to complete with the look of AEW, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

WWE is booked to produce NXT at Full Sail Arena through March. Dave Meltzer commented on this during Wrestling Observer Radio and said that there’s not any talk right now of moving since NXT is now beating AEW.

“They’re pretty much committed to Full Sail through March. You know they were gonna — there was talk of going out in January, but you know now that they’re not losing in the ratings and it’s not an embarrassment you know, they don’t need to move. You know, if it becomes an embarrassment that’s a different story. Vince doesn’t like to lose.”

“Right now they’re not blaming the venue because they’re doing okay.”


2020 could always include a huge upswing in viewership for All Elite Wrestling. If WWE NXT starts losing to AEW again then they might address the location.

As for right now it seems like fans who flock to Full Sail Arena every week shouldn’t feel any danger of losing their weekly live pro wrestling show.

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H Jenkins

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