Kayla Braxton tried to share a positive message with fans. This did not turn out as she expected at all.

WWE The Bump’s host sent out a message on the day after Christmas. She opened up in a big way while talking about her upbringing. Then she found herself disappointed with fans.

Braxton tweeted out a long story which started off saying: “I recently had someone share with me their observation of my life — telling me that it’s clear that I’ve had a fairly easy upbringing who probably was raised by both parents and was handed a lot of opportunities.”

This prompted Kayla Braxton to share a story about when she was in a college internship for foster kids. She said that her friends were having a loud time with music, laughing, dancing, and pizza. Then she overheard someone say “Well, what do you expect? It’s a bunch of foster kids.” This obviously angered her and for good reason.


Now Kayla Braxton found herself talking to someone who thought they knew her, but they had it all wrong once again. She credits being a foster kid for a lot of who she is. It wasn’t easy for Kayla Braxton, but now she’s on WWE television every week.

Apparently, this heartfelt and transparent message from Kayla Braxton caused some fans to make fun of her. Not one hour later, Braxton tweeted out once again to express disappointment for the treatment her story received.

Some of you really disappoint me. Only you can take what’s meant to be a heartfelt and personal message and turn it into a joke. What happened to you that turned you into such a hateful and self-loathing person? geez guys – be better.

There is reason why so many people seem to be exiting Twitter. It really is a place where people feel they have the right to say really hurtful things without any shred of consequences. Hopefully, Kayla Braxton’s second message to fans will hit home for a few people who were quick to judge and throw shade.

Felix Upton

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