WWE recently suspended Robert Roode and Primo Colon for 30 days for failing their Wellness Policy. Colon claims that he never took test, but not taking the test is as bad as failing.

During Conversations with The Big Guy, Ryback walked fans through what it’s like to take drug test for WWE. They have a certain procedure in line when the drug testing people show up.

The Big Guy also went on to explain how WWE covers themselves with their Wellness Policy. They also have to make sure that they are getting a real sample because people in developmental tried using fake penises in the past to try and cheat the test.

“It’s a cover by WWE to protect themselves. It wasn’t an enjoyable process, but it is what it is, you know what you signed up for when you go there and do it. But as far as I know, that’s what it is. But it got that strict because of those dip-sh*ts in FCW before, the dumbasses that were using the fake penises, where before you can just go into the stall and piss and you had privacy but then those guys doing their pro-hormones and all that dumb sh*t before they got signed when they were up there and then they got busted and so from here on out you have to show your tits and pull your pants down to your ankles. I’m all for drug testing to prove that people aren’t cheating. I wish there was a cooler way to do it but there’s not.”


“As far as the women I think they have to keep the stall door open if I’m not mistaken. They have to see you giving the sample now. It is what it is because of the people in FCW. It’s not something that happened just in wrestling, that was something in other things where people were selling devices to try and get away with drug testing. I’ve heard of things where there are loopholes and what not where they’ll sign guys that come back and they don’t sign the regular contracts where they’re not subjected to testing.”

It can’t be a fun experience to take a drug test, but tests usually aren’t very fun anyway. It’s good that they are strict to a certain extent, but it is also unfortunate that they have to get so personal due to people in the past trying to skirt the rules.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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